Following CSNY news, Occupiers pull out faux check


Following the New York Times report (and several follow ups) on gambling interests’ contributions to the pro-Cuomo Committee to Save New York, the Occupy Albany contingent tried to capitalize.

About a dozen members of the group marched through the Capitol with an oversized, faux check for $2 million — the amount given by a New York Gaming Association to CSNY, according to the Times. It was meant to signify a mock bribe and show their disapproval for money in New York politics, and was given to a Cuomo staffer after the group had a “mic check” on the minimum wage.

The check was “on behalf of all New Yorkers, following the lead of the gaming industry,” the group chanted.

“It is shameful and outrageous that Governor Cuomo refuses to engage on this issue (raising the minimum wage), either to convene a wage board or to put pressure on the Senate,” they said.

Cuomo has said he supports an increase in the state’s minimum wage, but isn’t optomistic that the gap between Assembly Democrats — who support an increase — and Senate Republicans can be bridged.


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  1. I told everyone “Stop Joking with The God Fearing and Hard Working Americans! … but; these Inhabitants of America don’t understand! ” … Sir! Ladies and Madams! This is The United States of America! A Country Made By President and Govornors who were Generals! .. .

    It’s not handed over on a Platter to Abuses Public Trust! ….We are a Country Governed by Laws!
    Mr.Gorbachev leash your greed and damaging The Country!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.