Batra, JCOPE commissioner, is “awake, alert and appears well”


A commissioner on the state ethics board who was taken in an ambulance from a public hearing earlier today is “awake, alert and appears well,” according to a spokesman for the board.

Ravi Batra, one of 14 commissioners on the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, was transported to Albany Medical Center shortly after a public hearing on donor disclosure wrapped up after he began feeling faint.

Here’s the full statement from JCOPE spokesman John Milgrim:

“At the conclusion of today’s hearing, Commissioner Batra felt fatigued and faint. Out of an abundance of caution, emergency services were called and he was taken to Albany Medical Center, where he remains awake, alert and appears well.”

Batra was the most active member of JCOPE at the hearing today, where he peppered good-government advocates with questions about their position on the board’s upcoming regulations for donor disclosure by lobbying groups. At one point, Batra said he was “stunned” by the news of the current week, presumably referring to a New York Times report on a $2 million donation from gambling interests to a pro-Cuomo non-profit lobbying group.


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