Who’s polling in the 37th SD?


Someone appears to be polling in the 37th Senate District, but it’s not clear who.

A reader says they were on the receiving end of a phone call Monday night, where they were peppered with questions on the candidates in the lower Hudson Valley Senate district and several issues that are hot topics in the state Legislature. (Thankfully, notes were taken.)

Following a series of basic poll questions — Is the state on the right track or the wrong track? Do you view each candidate favorably or unfavorably? — the poll shifted to a number of issue-based queries that seemingly target Assemblyman George Latimer, a Rye Democrat running for the seat.

A sampling:

Would you be more or less likely to support a candidate who …

  • Supported a tax on people making 250k or more per year even if it led to a slower economy and more unemployment?
  •  Spoke in favor of more stringent ethics laws while spending 17k in campaign funds on meals and other personal items and having 30k in unaccounted campaign account spending?
  • Sat on the Transportation Committee while spending on I-287 repairs was getting out of control?
  • Did not cast a vote to reform pensions which are costing millions of dollars?
  • Promised to run for only 4 terms as a county legislator but broke his promise after his fourth term?
  • Voted against the state and New Rochelle tax caps?
  • Walked out of a session rather than take a tough vote?
  • Voted more than 99 percent of the time with Democratic leadership?
  • Is a career politician who has been in office for 20+ years?

Who funded the poll? It’s unclear.

Bob Cohen, a Westchester businessman running for the GOP nomination (who hit the air with his first campaign advertisement on Wednesday), was not behind it, according to his campaign spokesman.

“The Cohen campaign hasn’t done a poll in six weeks,” said Bill O’Reilly, the spokesman. “Not us.”

John Russo, campaign spokesman for Diane DiDonato-Roth, a North Castle councilwoman also running for the GOP nod, said they will conduct polls, but haven’t yet done so.

“We plan to, but the first priority is to get on the ballot, and then we’ll do some polling,” Russo said.

A call to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee was not immediately returned. The Senate GOP also was not behind the poll, according to a spokesman.

Here’s more from the poll:

– Is the state government in need of total overhaul? Not good but improving? Fine the way it is?
– Do you favor a Democratic State Senate to help implement Cuomo’s agenda, or Republican as a check and balance against one-party control?

Issues, for or against:

  • Constitutional amendment to legalize casino gambling
  • Hydrofracking
  • Close Indian Point
  • Tax Cap
  • Westchester Affordable Housing Settlement
  • Increase minimum wage
  • Term limits
  • Same-sex marriage

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  1. Larchmonter on

    George is playing this just right. Work hard, stay away from the nasty stuff. People of all stripe, except for the most committed partisan, hates negative stuff particularly so early.

    Bob isn’t fooling anybody with denials. His people constantly trash George. It’s having the reverse effect: people see one person playing politics and the other guy being normal and hard working. With every cheap charge made by Bob, George is quietly getting stronger.

  2. Just The Facts on

    The silence is deafening. Where are the Cohen/Astorino mouth pieces on this blog? Every other article that mentions Bob, Diane & George, the Cohen clowns are on here attacking other candidates and embarrassing themselves. Maybe they’re huddled with Daddy Doug in the basement of 214 trying to figure out how to answer Cohens corrupt relationship with the LandLord lobby? Where are the clowns? Send in the Cohen/Astorino clowns. Go George!

  3. @ Larchmonter & Just The Facts (capitalized)- are you kidding me? Latimer doesn’t even come close to Bob Cohen on any issues. People are fed up with George’s constant support of every tax out there. Time to show this clown the door.

    And don’t forget, George ran out and didn’t even vote to reform the pension plan. Nor did Latimer vote for the tax cap. What’s up with this guy? I guess we know who’s lining his pockets and if you can’t figure out who that is, just google working families party. You should be able to figure out from there.