Cuomo: NY doesn’t cater to “extreme, ultraconservative” views


Gov. Andrew Cuomo dipped into a bit of talk on political philosophy while appearing on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning, saying New York voters won’t respond to “extreme, ultraconservative” views.

Cuomo was asked about Senate Republicans’ resistance to his proposal to reduce the penalty for the public possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana, bringing it down from a misdemeanor to a fine.

“To me, it’s a very clear-cut issue, and it’s an issue that will now go on in the campaign season,” Cuomo said on WGDJ-AM this morning.

He went on to say that the state Conservative Part “made their voice heard” on the issue. The influential party, which backs many Senate Republicans, had drawn a line in the sand opposing the measure.

“I think there’s no doubt that the state Senate heard the conservative wing of the party, and they’re reacting to it,” Cuomo said. “And that will now be an issue in this campaign season, because the Republican Senate has to go before the voters.”

He continued: “I believe when they’ve done well these past 18 months, it’s because they have been a moderate Republican Party. I don’t believe this state will tolerate a party that caters to the extreme, ultraconservative part of the party.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic governor kept with his theme of praising the Legislature. The two years the current legislators have been in office, he said, could go down as “one of the most successful legislative sessions in modern political history.”

(AP Photo/Mike Groll)


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  1. Mario Brothers on

    Cuomo and his aged, sanctimonious left wing hippie legislators tax cigarettes to the point where only millionaires can afford them, but effectively advocate legalizing untaxed traffic in the huge, huge underground and violent world of cannabis.

  2. What I have observed is that “anyone who Interprets The Constitution of The United States of America As The Framers of Our Document Intended! And, what We The American Constitutionalists do! ….Or ( for that matter) near it; Many label it as Conservative! And, I was wondering what if that Person goes to Florida’s World Famous South Beach; or was never “Invited By The Few Good Orgies that Happened on Regular Basis By The ” MARRIED Groups Of A Few Individuals from Boston! ( REAL STROY BASED ON FACT PUBLISHED IN NATIONAL US NEWSPAPERS ” ! IMPORTANT NOTE: With all due Respects….Please! Don’t think that My IntentEion For Bringing This Up and Comparing The TRUTH and tyring to ESTABLISH as “What is The Exact Definition of Being a Conservative or a Liberal! ?

    Is it all “Pick and Choose at Your Convienences And Pick Up ON Any One Who Speaks the TRUTH!
    And,…. When times come becoming a Fedearl Guest! I wish I can give a Party soon!

    God Bless America! Let’s not Fool The Country! …

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.

  3. Habibdizzerian on

    When will? When??? Barb Dillen asked You don’t need a wethervein to no wich way the rane blows. Maggey’s farm???? In the basment worked for the govamint!!!!!! Unless my mammary fales me, we are NOT Cubans. We are USA and loudly friendly to all includes indains who we now let run casenos insted of shooting from whoresback. Dont just sit their!!!

  4. I’ve been saying this for a while, this is a big loser for us. We need to get with the program and fast, we are basically handing our younger voters to democrats and plenty are moving to the libertarians. Prohibition is an asinine joke, you can’t defend this stupidity anymore with a straight face. The extremely old “reefer madness” faction isn’t going to be here much longer. They aren’t going to vote for democrats, there is no reason to pander to them on this issue. Reefer madness isn’t supposed to be a cornerstone of conservative principals. Frankly, its none of the governments business who smokes what. We need to get our act together, this “debate” is a joke. Marijuana is just about the safest drug on earth. Enough with the stupidity already.

  5. Hey - Wassup, Man (Dude, Dog, Homes) on

    We have a sufficient surfeit of drunk and drugged drivers as it is. Sober up and find another hobby!