$267,000 Raised For Bullied Bus Aide


An online fundraising effort has raised a whopping $267,000 for a bus monitor outside Rochester who was verbally abused by students earlier this week.

The outpouring of cash for bus monitor Karen Klein comes after a 10-minute YouTube video went viral yesterday and showed Klein being viciously mocked by the middle-school students on the bus. The video had been viewed 1.8 million times as of this afternoon.

At a news conference today, Greece police said Klein does not want to press criminal charges against the teens. Police, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, said Klein, who has worked for the district for 23 years, told police that the school could handle the students’ punishments.

From the article:

Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton said all four students involved, 13-year-old seventh-graders, have spoken with police regarding the incident.

All four teens have taken responsibility for their actions, he said. District officials said the teens will face disciplinary action. It was not immediately clear what that action would be.


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  1. Sure they are ignorant punks, but this woman is a “monitor?” I feel sorry for her too, but she obviously couldn’t monitor a tuna fish sandwich. Not only is she clueless, she wants no responsibility whatsoever for the punks being corralled or disciplined. No wonder they run wild.