Latimer nabs endorsement from Krueger’s PAC


Assemblyman George Latimer, D-Rye, today picked up an endorsement from Sen. Liz Krueger’s political action conference, the fourth nod made by the Manhattan Democrat’s group.

Latimer is running for the state Senate seat in the lower Hudson Valley being vacated by retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer. He’s running against a pair of Republicans who, assuming they get on the ballot, will face off in a primary: New Rochelle businessman Bob Cohen and North Castle Councilwoman Diane DiDonato-Roth.

The endorsement from the No Bad Apples PAC is likely to come with a healthy campaign donation; Justin Wagner, running against Sen. Greg Ball, a Putnam County Republican, was promised $10,000 when he was endorsed earlier this month.

Latimer is the fourth to pick up the No Bad Apples PAC endorsement.

“The first three No Bad Apples PAC-endorsed candidates are all making their first runs for the State Legislature, and we need their new ideas and new voices to build the movement for real reform,” Krueger said in a statement. “But to truly change Albany, we’re also going to need experienced leaders with the determination and the know-how to make the dream of reform a reality. George is that leader.”


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  1. westchester10 on

    Oh stop – both Cohen and Ball have/will be huge recipients of NYC real estate money and NYC special interests. The Senate Republicans main funding source is NYC.

  2. just the facts on

    first of all george latimer is certainly not a new voice…they guy has been in politics and served in office for years….so to suggest that he will have new ideas is ludicrous…as for bob cohen and
    the real estate thing who cares…that is not the number one issue on anyone’s list of things
    that have made new york state dysfunctional and both the democrats and the republicans take
    contributions from whomever they can pursuade…i would rather have real estate money supporting a candidate than labor money because in the latter case the deals made because
    of that support primarily by the democrats have made the state pension system unsustainable
    and are the cause of higher and higher property taxes

  3. Whatta joke Facts. Cohen has trotted out every GOPer for an endorsement and Latimer gets his first one, and HE is the political one? The GOP has been salivating for this seat. They will say anything and spend any amount to win. But the Cohen Coronation has become a real contest. Better worry first about Diane DiDonato Roth. She ain’t no RINO.

    Bob is pro choice? Diane is pro life. Let’s see how Crestwood Republicans go for that

  4. Let’s read carefully now before we respond with a jerk of the knee. The Senator made reference to three new candidates she had endorsed previous to this. Latimer is the fourth.

    “But to truly change Albany, we’re also going to need experienced leaders with the determination and the know-how to make the dream of reform a reality. George is that leader.”

    That makes your point pointless.

  5. Wow! $10,000 … ! Now what does one calls it? I am lost of words on reading these “assumed successful successor Promises… And, I think I should just “borrow the Phrase of Honorable U.S.Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia… ‘This is really mind bogling!… ”

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