Carl Paladino endorses DiDonato Roth in 37th SD (UPDATED)


Updated throughout.

North Castle Councilwoman Diane DiDonato Roth is the latest state Senate challenger to pick up an endorsement from Buffalo businessman and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who called her a “a strong conservative voice for reform and economic growth.”

Paladino, the controversial figure who was defeated at the polls in 2010 by now-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has been active this electoral cycle, weighing in favor of anti-establishment candidates in several state races.

DiDonato Roth, a Republican, is facing off against New Rochelle businessman Bob Cohen in a GOP primary for the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck. Assemblyman George Latimer, D-Rye, is running on the other side of the political aisle.

“Diane understands the costs and burdens imposed by Albany’s endless regulations and mandates on small businesses and local government,” Paladino said in a statement. “Her strong leadership and convictions will make her an effective Senator for all New Yorkers. She will be a loud, clear voice for, less bureaucracy, less regulation, limited government, fiscal responsibility, integrity, and ethics in Albany.”

Paladino took swipes at Cohen, who he said would be a “patsy for the Albany special interests and out-of-control Cuomo, Silver, Skelos (three men in a room) government.”

Cohen spokesman Bill O’Reilly responded: “It’s notable that Ms. Roth had to reach all the way to Buffalo to find an endorsement, and one from Mr. Paladino at that. We’re content to have the support of voters from Westchester.”

Paladino’s full endorsement, which was distributed by the DiDonato Roth campaign, can be found after the jump.

“Cohen will be a patsy for the Albany special interests and out-of-control Cuomo, Silver, Skelos (three men in a room) government. Diane has a proven track record and offers the people of the 37th district the real conservative change we need in Albany. As an elected member of the Town Board of North Castle, Diane’s voting record demonstrates real fiscal responsibility and restraint. She voted against every proposed property tax increase, voted for all town employees to contribute to their healthcare premiums, and eliminated costly fringe benefits to elected officials. She also personally declined to participate in the state pension plan as well as the town-provided health care plan.”

“Diane understands the costs and burdens imposed by Albany’s endless regulations and mandates on small businesses and local government. Her strong leadership and convictions will make her an effective Senator for all New Yorkers. She will be a loud, clear voice for, less bureaucracy, less regulation, limited government, fiscal responsibility, integrity, and ethics in Albany.”


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  1. Just The Facts on

    Cohen is a total liberal RINO who’s about to be bombarded by his shady land lord connections. He’s damaged goods whether his supporters know it or not. Cohen’s a joke. Go George & Diane!

  2. Skipper Sandusky on

    Can’t wait for the Cohen/Astorino clowns to comment on this one and spread more of their famous meaningless vitriol. Where are the Cohen/Astorino clowns? Send in the clowns!

  3. the real just the facts on

    cohen 64 roth 36….paladino was an embarassment….and real republicans wouldn’t accept
    his support….you don’t get in bed with fools unnecessarily…keep referring to moderates in
    the party as Rino’s…drive them into the democratic arms for being willing to compromise and
    for rejecting the tea party nonsense both state wide and nationally..that’s a very smart way
    to put a majority together.

  4. “Tea Party” Nonsense???

    It’s the nonsense of too much taxes that gives the GOP any reason to win. Reject the Tea Party and Cohen doesn’t deserve to win.

  5. Bob is a class act,as contrasted with Roth’s crowd. Her campaign is run by a democrat and she will lose, as she should. Jeff Binder’s campaign of attacks, fake blog trolls, and mud is unacceptable in a race like this because primary voters pay attention and do not respond to going negative. Roth’s campaign can be thought of like this: a monkey screaming and throwing shit at zoo patrons. Funny to watch, you can’t help but to feel bad for the guy hit with some shit, but at the end of the day, nothing more than a comic interlude.

    Bob Cohen, a real deal republican, will be the next Senator.

  6. The shovel that follows the 'Real GOP' on

    As predicted, enter stage Left, the Cohen/Astorino clown!(real gop)… I’m a little disappointed it took the clown 12 hours to post his first comment… I knew he’d take the bait. These people have a thin skin and are too easy to annoy. They’re hateful, negative rants are as predictable as ‘Little Bobby” Astorino requesting a child’s booster seat so he can sit at the big boy’s table while dining at Mulino’s… And their predictions and opinions on this race are as meaningless as when Bob Cohen tries to fool the voters of Westchester that he’s not a shady slumlord with illegal ties to special interests(I suspect in the near future we’ll be hearing A LOT more about BoCo’s illegal dealings, courtesy of the inquisitive Westchester media)… Friendly career advice to the Cohen/Astorino clown: Spend a little less time spreading falsehoods on political blogs and a little more time looking for another job. You have one candidate that will be out of work in 3 months and another candidate that will be voted out of office in 17.

    Let’s see if the Cohen/Astorino clown takes the bait and responds to this… I haven’t laughed so much since I saw Astorino change the lifts out of his shoes on Memorial Day, and Cohen try to position himself in every picture so no one caught his bald spot on film… Now that’s entertainment RINO style.

    The people of Westchester deserve better than Bob Cohen, who is an unproven, unreliable, shady landlord with illegal ties to special interests. Diane DiDonato has actually voted against property taxes, while Bob just talks about it. Diane’s political beliefs are rooted in the long held Conservative Republican governing philosophies of fiscal responsibility and family values. Take a look into Bob’s past and see if he knows the definition of “Family Values”. George Latimer is a life-long public servant who has served the people of Westchester fairly and has earned the respect of his constituents. Neither of which Bob Cohen has managed to do. This is an election of ABC — Anyone But Cohen… Go George and Diane!

    A Study on Collecting Money From Public By Filings of Nomination Papers As Candidates in The State of New York ( Loose The Election AND/OR Keep Getting Elected Term After Term Under The Political Parties Managed, Controlled and Run NY STATE ELECTION LAWS ( without any Checks and Balance ) AND RETALIATE AGAINT ANYONE WHO QUESTION THE PRACTICES; KEEP THE MONEY TO PAY PRIVATE BILLS AND LIVING EXPENSES and ABOVEALL GIVE ” Endorsements! “…

    HABIBHASAN – An American Constitutionalist.

    Copyright – HH-HAMILTON .

    HABIBHASAN- An American Storyteller


    The New McDonald’s “… Boy! I am lovin it! . But! ( besides Jokes! ) after The Second World War, The Republic GOT pushed towards the Dirt Roads of McMadoff’s … And, the 21st Century got its greatest Shock to find that How Tom, Dick and Harry disappeared from The Stage of Jerry Springer Show ( a Real-Time Live Broadcast that deplicted what is actually happening in almost every second Household on the Block! An ( objective observer ) and the Spectators thought JERRY SPRINGER SHOW was entertainment! But! Actually, it was the real deal! ….

    Well! Now its ” a new course” the Tom, Dick and Harry are found nowhere!… They have been overturned by Walbum, Lipshit, Rordregaz, and Danzel!….

    Hi! We are live at The Appolo Theater at The White House… Yooooo! The Maaaaan! Yo! Make some noise! B%?@$+s! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Catering Available! Don’t worry! ( about the Law ) Joke! LOL! LOL! UNDOCUMENTED ok! …

    LOL! LOL!

  9. Hey shovel you really are a tool. But you prove my point; Latimer has Binder in his hip pocket, and you Mr. Tool, are very much the screaming monkey hurling shit.

    The more you say, the better you reveal yourself and the hateful message you espouse.

  10. It is an established fact ( not only in Folk Tales from The Times of Age Itself ) that when “a Son Who Is Not Well-Versed in The Life And Teachings of His Father is not Entitled To Bequeath his Father’s Wealth! And, I think ( Personally) that not since yesterday; but ( I am not sure when ) but let’s assume “since” the absence of a ” Birth Certificate” became an optional norm in any world ” Civilized Societies or Nation ” as a Norm… and Having Children Out of Wedlock as a Regular Practice; where The Definition of Marriage ( can be changed ) calling it a “one vote majority” ! It’s doomed to a downfall of “Parental Requirements as Prescribed in The Books of Mosses, Jesus and Muhammad! ….

    It’s like a rebellion against God! And, in a Country That was ESTABLISHED 235 Years ago by God Fearing Men Who Gave Practical Meanings To The Rights of Man by declaration of Freedoms! And, WHAT THE SUCCEEDING GENERATIONS did is CHANGED EVEN THE WORD OF GOD to Suit WHAT SUITED only a few … DIVIDING THE DIVINE WORDS OF TESTMENT into OLD AND NEW! And, it didn’t STOP there… FURTHER THEY ( CHECK FACTS FOR YOURSELF) started RETALIATIONS UPON THOSE WHOSE BOOK were not possible to change!….AND started calling it NAMES! .

    The History of “Thirty Years War” is an account of What exactly transpired in Europe! The First World War and The Second World War should not have happened;had Germany not humiliated by the Immigrations Over there! Similarly, had FDR not “formally declared War” on Japan ( instead of just helping the Allied Forces Uptown Hawaii ) I think there would have been no Pearl Harbour either!

    NOW! One really wonders as How did those who have no recollections of The History of The Foundations of The United States of America or Relate to it Respectfully as Their Motherland; are sitting at the Helmsman of It’s Power? … What and Why do they need to TAKE AN OATH OF OFFICE OF PUBLIC TRUST and Recite that ” they Will Preserve, Protect and Defend The Supreme Law of The Land! ” And, follow the Foreigners Philosophies and Openly Redecule The Country! And, if I ask them ( with only a few exceptions) of Individuals…. They call me names what they called Justice Thomas Clerance or President Bracket Obama! …

    Why do a Majority of People in Small Towns Hate The Founders of America? I try to comprehend their Point of View…but haven’t yet been able to conclusively determine what is the matter! Why show so much Hate? To America and It’s Founders? …

    The Perfection of Hypocrisy is well evident in finding the “abolition of DRAFT ” in National Armed Forces! And, although THE SOCALLED PRESS or any US POLITICAL Pundits is talking about HOW DID THE GANGS REACHED THE US ARMY? HOW DID THE GANGS GOT RECURITED in Our National Armed Forces? Who is going to ask, conduct Investigations? And do about that?.. Why no one talks about it? I am simply asking Why is it not The Headlines accross Our Country’s Press! Sirs! ???.

    And, when I read the News of $10000 Endorsements; It doesn’t make any sense! I am not a By-stander… I am an American! A Real Proud One! And, when I see The Directions Our Country is led; It’s My Duty as ( I claim to be an American Constitutionalist and Above All With The Oath of Alligence that I have taken to Stand-up and Ask? How does this help or is in The Interest of My, Your and Our Continental America?

    Unless! I am a lier! And, I am not a liar. I cannot keep Friendships above The Constitution Of My Country! And, should not be expected of me! I Respect all who Respect The Rule of Law and Work to Strengthen Our Country and Nation! And must we all do .

    So help me God.
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  11. The shovel that follows the 'Real GOP' on

    I’m too good… I got these clowns to respond… You Cohen/Astorino people are just too easy… I know 3 things from the clowns response… 1) Astorino needs lifts in his shoes…2) Cohen needs to hide his bald spot(& his illegal ties to special interests, but you’ll hear more about that soon!)…. 3)Brian Maloney likes monkies who throw shit at people… Talk about a weird fetish… Brian, you probably need to discuss this with doctor Phil… You have a real sickness, but we’re here for you buddy, we’re here!… Please respond again so I can continue to make fun of you!

  12. Bald spots and shoe lifts? Speaking as a Democrat, If Latimer has the likes of you in his corner, and doesn’t give you the air, he’s toast.

  13. George Latimer is no part of this little mess. Binder in GL’s pocket? Hah!

    This little row is all GOP. George says nothing bad about anyone and just keeps chugging along. I admit-I’m a volunteer for him in Harrison HQ, and he is the nicest guy you ever met. All I hear from the Rs is attack and vitriol.

    In the end, the regular guy could care less about this attack stuff.