Hayworth gets the nod from conservative women’s PAC


Maggie’s List, a political action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to federal office, has announced it has endorsed Nan Hayworth, R- Bedford, for re-election in the reconfigured 18th Congressional District serving Putnam, Orange and parts of Westchester and Dutchess counties.


Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List describes Hayworth as a “strong fiscally conservative (voice) in the House of Representatives, fighting for the citizens of New York,” she said in a press release.


Along with Hayworth, the group also endorsed Ann Marie Buerkle for the 24th Congressional District and Maggie Brooks for the 25th Congressional District.


“Maggie’s List is a dynamic force for good in our politics: a community of women committed to making our federal government behave as responsibly as our families do, so that our neighbors and friends and children and communities, and our nation, -can truly thrive in a strong and healthy economy. As a mother, doctor, and businesswoman, I’m proud to be endorsed by Maggie’s List and to do all I can to serve our shared cause in Congress.” Hayworth said in the committee’s release.


Maggie’s List was founded in 2010 by a group of women with a fiscally conservative economic vision and a desire to address the under representation of women in Congress. Recent endorsements include Linda Lingle, Hawaii Senate, Linda McMahon, Connecticut Senate and Deb Fischer, recent winner of the Republican nomination for Nebraska Senate.



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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American.Storyteller on

    ….wow! ” conservative” and ” women”! No offence! But I have been in NY FOR OVER TWO DECADES….I am waiting to find ” a conservative woman” ….! This is the first time I ever heard of such a Group! Now, are there really “women in it” or its like the …. new law! For example We were all at a Club and Dancing! And, I had seen a very beautiful girl in that club all standing by herself… I approached her and after dinner and Dancing asked her out…AND you know what she told me….she said ” First go.get an Operation”!

    REAL FACT: WHILE approaching a Door when.( many times) I held the Door seeing a Woman stepping up behind me… but guess what ” the Women who I held the doors actually they were LESBIANS! Any Man will agree with me that in Today’s Daily Life; knowingly if a Woman is a Lesbian why would she play both cards towards good looking men? Isn’t that gross?

    That hypocrisy and offensive attitude to lure and fool men! Now! I am really confused when I hear Conservative or Libral Talks or Groups! Is this hoax?

    Think again! It’s a very serious matter of Law and Morality!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller