Senate Dems Host Hearing on Hydrofracking, DEC Emails


A handful of Senate Democrats from New York City are on hand today for a public hearing forum in Manhattan today, where concerns about hydrofracking and emails between the gas industry and state regulators will be aired.

It’s the latest public forum — as the minority conference, they can’t hold a formal hearing — on hydrofracking hosted by the Senate Democrats (specifically Sen. Tony Avella, D-Queens, a major fracking critic).

This time, however, its expected to focus heavily on a series of emails between a natural-gas industry lobbyists and the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Anti-fracking groups say the emails represent unethical collusion; regulators say was a legally required look at the costs of their proposed regulations.

The forum — which will feature several anti-fracking and environmental groups and no gas-industry representatives — just kicked off, and can be viewed below:

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  1. Carbon Sense on

    This is the worst of the propaganda to date.
    The media does not care one bit about the truth. A shame. Journalism in America is dead.