MTA responds to Schumer’s call to move Yonkers bus depot


Earlier today Sen. Charles Schumer called on the MTA to move its bus depot on the Yonkers waterfront to make way for a redevelopment project.

Yonkers officials asked for Schumer’s help after what they described as six months of fruitless talks with the MTA.

“For as long as the bus depot sits there on prime real estate, Yonkers’ waterfront development plan and its potential for its developers remain in a holding plan,” said Schumer.

In a letter dated today, MTA chairman Joseph J. Lhota explained to Schumer that the land is owned by New York City. He also stated that his agency would need $25 million to build a new bus depot and temporary facilities during the construction period.

“It is important to note that while we have identified a potential replacement site, the City of Yonkers has yet to identify any suitable location,” Lhota wrote. “The MTA will continue to discuss this matter with the City of Yonkers and we will move forward when the City and its private developers are able to provide the necessary funding for the MTA to adequately relocate its facilities.”

Here is a copy of his letter:

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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I think Mr.Shumer put is fingers in a wrong “Authority”!… I don’t believe that Senator has not done his “homework” in Yonkers! By the way … May I ASK why is a US SENATOR from State of New York.getting involved in “Municipal/State Affairs!

    May be its his “Practice” when in My Town; The Town of Orangetown was in the “Process of $52 Million Sewage Renovation Plan Deliberations at the local level; Senator Chuck Shumer was “a CHIEF GUEST AT THE INAGURATION/REORGANIZATION TOWN HALL MEETING INVITED BY THE THEN NEW ELECTED REPUBLICAN SUPERVISOR. I was really shocked to hear The “Senator’s Sermon on “American History” ! Later, ( according to Reliable Sources ) The Chief of Staff of Senator Shumer’s Counterpart SENATOR Gillibrand’s Chief of Staff visited the “then Town of Orangetown’s SUPERVISOR Paul Whalen’s Office in TOWN HALL several times!

    During the same time THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OFFICE BEARERS in Washington D.C were engaged in “discrediting The Newly Elected President Brack Obama” by constantly question the WHITE HOUSE OVAL OFFICE VISTORS BOOK Foil! . It was or had become a “such a big deal” for many in America ” to question a FIRST BLACK US PRESIDENT’S Meeting Records!….

    And, ( just for example ) at the LOCAL LEVEL ” the who knows who” kept “business as usual”! No one ever questioned the “LOCAL TOWN HALLS RECORDS” !

    According to another ( reliable source ) during MARCH 2012 an EMPLOYEES of The Town of Orangetown Highway Department ” had approached” the Offices of Senator Shumer through his cultivation of contacts in the Hemlet of Beer!… And, at one point even met The Senator Face to Face to ” remind him.of his request/ favor….However! the Senator ” acknowledged him” but ” brushed him off stating ” that ( he the Senator) is Federal! And, the matter needs to be taken at Local Senator Level!….”…. NOW THE QUESTION THAT ARISES IS is there a “pick and choose” going on in NY POLITICS? OR IS THERE ANY LAW INVOLVED THAT IS FIRST RESPECTED AND LATER PRACTICED?

    Why involve in Yonkers? ….. Something is not adding up! ….

    Is Money a factor that ” enables Courtships ” of Mr.Shumer into Municipal Matters? ….

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.