Westchester news anchor to work on Tappan Zee Bridge project


A popular Westchester news anchor will now be a key player moving forward with the controversial Tappan Zee Bridge project, for which estimated costs are $5 billion.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced the appointment of Brian Conybeare to the position of special advisor for the construction project. Conybeare, who before this worked as an anchor for Westchester’s news channel 12, will serve as the liaison for the governor to Hudson Valley residents and businesses.

He will be located in the Hudson Valley full time, conducting the day-to-day meetings with local community and business leaders and working with Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz, who Cuomo recently appointed to oversee the project.

“After more than 10 years of gridlock surrounding the Tappan Zee Bridge project, we are moving forward to finally build a new, safer bridge for the Hudson Valley,” Cuomo said in a statement. “As we continue to make progress, Brian Conybeare will help connect my administration with residents and the business community.”

Cuomo said Conybeare’s background in journalism and expertise on the bridge history will help him to bring community members important information.

Conybeare said he plans to ensure that the new bridge is constructed through a transparent and inclusive process, according to the news release.

On channel 12, Conybeare also co-anchored a weekly political talk show, “Newsmakers,” and hosted the station’s local election debates and live town meetings.

Conybeare recently received a 2011 New York Emmy Award — his third — for an a exclusive story on a parking ticket scam. In 2009, Brian won a national award from the Society of Professional Journalists for his reporting on corruption in the promotions department of the Yonkers Raceway Casino. That coverage also led to a criminal probe and three arrests, according to the release. Additionally, he has won five Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards and five New York Associated Press Broadcast Awards.

Conybeare earned a bachelor’s in communications from the University of Michigan and a master’s in journalism and mass communication from New York University. He currently resides in Eastchester with his wife, Janna, and their four children.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    The Anchor is a Competent Man! But, if he chooses to drown in the Dirt is his Personal Choice! …. The Bridge has not been.constructed since a decade! …..

    It’s a Double Cross Bridge! ( Please Stay Tuned ) !

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. The Westchester and Rockland County public know that the Governor Andrew Cuomo is just using Brian Conybeare’s popularity on News 12 Westchester to persuade his fan base on News 12 Westchester “the Senior Citizens” and Brian should rethink what he is doing because Andrew is just using him like an old dust rag, and then he’ll kick him to the curb. Andrew Cuomo’s plan for the Tappan Zee Bridge “Project” is a waste of taxpayers money. If the taxes and tolls go up who suffers, not the politicians, they don’t pay for anything and they all make millions under the table on the project.

    Andrew Cuomo will use Brian’s likable image with “the senior citizens” that his viewers on News 12 Westchester, these are the most vulnerable citizens to mislead into steering. We wish Brian Conybeare well on his journey, but, we also know it will just be a short one, there and back again, he’ll skip over the bridge and back because Brian is not a politician, and he will have a hard-time adjusting to the means and ways of Andrew Cuomo. Let’s just say, the New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is absolutely politically incorrect.

    Andrew Cuomo is not likable of trust worthy and every decision he makes and every bill he signs comes with a price tag, he’s a lobbyist, and he knows how to pay and play with every push of the pen. The New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo went from rags to riches in the political sense as in “Albany” to quick, and you know the old saying, easy come easy go!!! Brian Conybeare did not make the right decision, but, at the same time it gave him the opportunity to get out of News 12, and move on…

    The Westchester News

  3. Governor Andrew Cuomo is a decent man who tries to do the right thing, the choice of Brian Conybeare is a good choice, a man who has excellent communication skills and a man people in Westchester trust. Cuomo is a good man trying to do the best for the residents of NYS. You have to give him a chance with the TZB, at least Cuomo has the internal fortitude to address the issue and not continue to allow it to sit on the back burner.

  4. He is a talking head
    Of course we had to have a talking head and might as well have coneybear.

    This new bridge will become a mighty big source of big campaign contributions for the Cufflink governor and his ugly man Larry

  5. are you kidding on

    Brian did a very thorough job as an anchor on news 12..he knew his subject matter and
    knew how to report or interview rather than inject himself into the story….for those of you
    unfamiliar with the local news business it is a 24/7 kind of job leaving very little personal
    time for reporters….you can burn out easily in no time…this job which is not a press job
    appears to afford brian the time he needs to spend with his growing kids and is a natural
    transition for a news person…as for governor cuomo “using brian” that is an unfair and
    unjustified observation…Brian will be working on a very important project getting input
    from those adversely affected by the new bridge along with the governors special assistant
    larry schwartz who is a hard worker for constituents..they want the project to be successful
    and to do minimum damage to the surrounding communities….so conneybear is a good choice
    both from the governor’s vantage point and for his own sanity

  6. News12 has simply been promoting Cuomo’s fear campaign regarding mass transit on the TZB replacement and regurgitating his propoganda without any objective investigation of the facts. Conybeare will simply go from shilling for Cuomo from his anchor desk to shilling for the man directly.

  7. just the facts on

    what fear campaign would that be?….that it would cost 5 million dollars to add mass transit
    to the bridge….it doesn’t really matter…because conneybear won’t control what the project is
    he will simply work with those affected by it…how dense are you?

  8. If, as “Facts” states, it costs 5 million dollars to add mass transit, I can handle that myself. Where do I send the check?

  9. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I think with $5 Billion! China will sell itself and We can be On Both Sides of The Earth! We can go buy China! And, make it THE United States of China! Lol! ….

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  10. Henny Penny the sky is falling…
    Steel of the bridge is not the problem otherwise all the bridges would be replaced. It is the concrete that needs repairing not a new bridge. It’s an election year, money is being doled out for these ridiculous construction projects. No one will fall into the waters, the economy in the Hudson Valley won’t fail, traffic will still clog the exits and entrances regardless of a new bridge… Stop the nonsense…repair the existing bridge and put that money into education, healthcare, etc.

  11. Lets not hire Conneybear or his entire committee and take their salaries off the cost of the bridge.

  12. just the facts on

    the life span of the bridge built in the 1950’s was only said to be 50 years..it is now long past
    that date….the cost of maintaining the bridge over the next decade will exceed the cost
    of building a new one…so there is no extra money to put into anything and in fact it would
    be throwing good money away..build the bridge