Westchester budget department denies Journal News request for budget information


The Westchester County Department of Budget has denied a Freedom of Information request from The Journal News seeking the spending requests from county departments for the 2012 budget.

The newspaper filed the FOI request after the Board of Legislators asked for the information and the administration of County Executive Rob Astorino refused to provide it despite the fact that it was commonly provided in the past as part of the budget process.

The information was denied as “intra- or inter-agency records.” The denial letter also says: “In addition, the request is also denied as said information is non-final and is therefore subject to the common-law privilege for official information.”

Robert Freeman, the executive director of the Committee on Open Government, has said the records are public because “statistical or factual tabulations or data” must be disclosed even if the documents are internal.


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  1. BAD BAD action by the drone of the Westchester Business Association

    Arrogant typical MY WAY OR HIGHWAY lack of cooperation by the Astorino administration

    Sad that Westchester has such a dictatorial government that hides things when facts dont support their gloom and doom statements.

    Oh well. Elections 2013 are the time we will rid Westchester of this mistake

  2. Fiscal Integrity on

    “Gloom and Doom? Notice all the municipal bankruptcies around the nation. Astorino is the best thing to happen to Westchester in decades, and even he can’t convince the adamant left that this house MUST be put in order. The press in general, and the Journal News in particular, operate as facile organs of the radical left.

  3. bobby knows best on

    Please Mr. “Fiscal integrity”, aka Ned McCormic, asstorino’s press (aka bullshit) secretary. All the hardworking taxpayers in this county are asking for is transparency. I know thats hard for you and the asstorino tea baggers to grasp, but thats all people are looking for these days. What we don’t want is asstorino to continue to scream that the sky is falling to the tune of 140 million without any documentary support. The legally, fiscally and ethically responsible thing to do is to release the documents that have been public records for decades. While you are obviously unconcerned about your legal legal, fiscal, and ethical obligations, not surprising given your employer, the taxpayer are. Politician talk is as cheap as your suit. Asstorino should put the documents where his mouth is. About 5’0 off the ground.

  4. bobby knows best on

    Having thought about it a little bit more, its more like 4’10 off the ground. -2 inches for the elevator shoes.

  5. Fiscal Integrity on

    You’ve foghorned before about height. How about a vertical playoff match between the CE and your little Dem heroes, Bloomberg and Robbie Reich? And who are you, Wilt Chamberlain? Grow a brain.

  6. Bloomberg isn’t a democrat. Reich hasn’t been in public life since the last century.

  7. bobby knows best on

    If I was wilt I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you. Just a concerned taxpayer who demands transparency from my elected officials no matter their registration.

    Awwwwww. The height jokes bother you? I hear asstorino’s assistant carries a phone book around with him just in case baby bobby needs a boost. “Wahaaaaaaa. My seats to low!!!!”

  8. Fiscal Integrity on

    “Wahaaaaaaa. My seats to low?” You’ve once again exposed yourself as an untutored lightweight. Order yourself another ten Miller Lights and holler at the bartender.

  9. bobby knows best on

    OK… You’re right. Some of my comments are little lowbrow. I just get seriously annoyed when I don’t think that a politician, particularly one which I voted for, is playing the same games my federal representatives are. I pay heavy taxes here and would like to know what my taxes are paying for. Transparency.

    That being said why don’t you respond to my legitimate concerns as a westchester county taxpayer and tell me why doesn’t astorino just release the budget records? It’s the budget. What possible legal reason does he have refuse to disclose what are obviously public records?


  10. Fiscal Integrity on

    At this point, there are NO “budget records” other than for previous years. There are simply budget REQUESTS at this time. If you want to know what the requests are, FOI the people who submit those requests. Ask your father, who’s working on budgeting for the coming year, exactly how much each person in the family asked for, how much he’s planning to make next year, and if he’s not finished trying to figure his budget, and won’t tell you, sue him.

  11. bobby knows best on

    I thought you were a bit smarter than that FI. Or are you just spinning? Probably the later.

    Read the story. The records sought are the records for the 2012 budget, aka the budget for 1/12 -12/12. This year. Not records that will result in the 2013 budget which, you correctly note, likely do not exist yet given that it is july. The records sought are the records from last year that were used in formulating the 2012 Budget. Get it now?

    My dad’s dead but he respected and always taught me to respect the law so there would be no need for me to “sue him.” I guess bobby’s dad, a corrupt convicted felon dirty cop, did not instill in his child a similar respect. Maybe that is why bobby is always getting sued. Or do you think he is just getting “bullied” by the feds, cuomo, the journal news, the bd of legislators, etc. because he is 4’11?

    You gonna keep this tit for tat up? I have plenty more to say about bobby that most voters don’t know and would love to expose.

  12. Fiscal Integrity on

    No one’s interested in your facile, sophomoric calumny. They’re interested in why they’re paying $18,000 in taxes on a $500,000 home that they can’t sell. That’s why we have a fiscally responsible Republican CE in a county with a 2 to 1 Democrat enrollment.

  13. bobby knows best on

    You are interested or you would not have responded to my post. So I guess you are a nobody.

    You still not have not given me a legitimate reason why bobby can’t release the old budget records?

    As for the rest of your tea bagger talking points spin master, the bulk of the property taxes in westchester are school taxes. Not county taxes. I assure you that I pay more taxes on my homes than you and the rest of your tea bagger ilk and 80% goes to school taxes. My county taxes are about 10% of my total tax bill. You could cut my county taxes to 0%, an impossibility given state mandates, and it would have no significant impact on my property taxes. Ask baby bobby’s dad how much he property tax money he saved from bobby’s cuts. 60 cents. Look it up.

    Now turn off your thesaurus and go fetch bobby’s elevator shoes.

  14. bobby knows best on

    And we have a county executive with no financial credentials or background and a napoleon complex in a county with a democratic majority because people were sick and tired of andy spano. Not because baby bobby is some sort of fiscal messiah. Timing is everything in life.

    Truth hurts eh bobby?

  15. Fiscal Integrity on

    If I make you sick, take another sick month. Your union will take care of it. Matter of fact, take a year, apply for disability, get into an anger management mental health group for free, and retire on the taxpayers’ dime.

  16. Bobby knows nothing on

    You are such p-ssy FI. You have not responded to one argument that I have made. Not one. And sorry to disappoint you, I ain’t union. While I will not demonize unions like the far right, I believe that unions need to come to the table particularly the teachers. That’s were the bulk of my property taxes go. 80%. I also think that a cops retirement should be based on his salary and not OT. 211 waivers, gone.

    My problem, if you go back up to my first post, is that bobby is not releasing public records. Transparency. You gonna answer my post or just keep spewing bobby’s tea bagger talking points? My money is on the later.

  17. That’s all you got FI? Wow. I knew that cons were lame but you take it to a whole new level. If anyone needs to do homework it is you because you just keep getting schooled. And I don’t play video games FI. I play with tea bagger simpletons like you for entertainment.

  18. Wow. Now your a grammar nazi. Don’t quit your day job sucking bobby’s ass.