Cuomo vetoes controversial special-education bill


Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have required schools to consider the “home environment and family background” of special-needs students when placing them.

Public school groups had been highly critical of the legislation, claiming it amounted to an unfunded mandate that would have led to a jump in students attending private schools on the public’s dime.

The governor agreed. Here are excerpts from the memo explaining why he did not approve the measure:

This legislation would require that each school district “take into account any possible educational impact differences between the school environment and the child’s home environment and family background may have on the child’s ability to receive a free appropriate public education.” This constitutes an overly broad and ambiguous mandate that would result in incalculable significant additional costs to be borne by every school district and taxpayer.

The proposal would significantly expand the scope of private placements and public reimbursement of private tuition costs at a great taxpayer expense.

This Administration, through the passage of two State budgets, as well as a property tax cap, mandate relief measures, and other legislation, has successfully sought to reduce mandates and the financial burden on local governments, school districts and taxpayers throughout the State. It is committed to providing the best education and assistance to every child in New York, including children with disabilities. However, this bill unfairly places the burden on taxpayers to support the provision of a private education.


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  1. Cuomo is intent upon keeping “education” the sole property of the teachers’ unions, guaranteeing continued failure while his coffers continue to fill up. That it would cost more is ludicrous, as many of these public schools spend per student on a par with an Ivy College and most parochial schools do a superior job at half the price!

  2. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Vested Interest!…. The Actions of The Provincial Faction’s King very obvious….. ( and they say “Children” and “their Future”… So that’s all bull@%*!? Right!….

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.

  3. zHABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller0 mins ago

    Why if it will become a ”…. requirement for schools to consider the “home environment and family background” of special-needs students when placing them…. ” ! What may happen? Scared that the TRUE ENVIRONMENT THAT WAS STAGED ON JERRY SPRINGER SHOW will come out in the OPEN ? AND, the False PRETEXTS of Double Japordy of The School Districts fake will come out?

    Above all! The Truth will be revealing what’s ” actually going on in Families of almost ever second Household?….It ok! If We were b@#$%@&s by mistake here and their! That is comprehensible; but if it becomes a norm of a Civilised Christian, Muslim or Jew Society … there is certainty a problem!

    It’s a matter that can ( no offence ) impact Our National Survival! How? Well! Here is how: THE PREMISE: …. to respect or to have respect to a background it is imperative for anyone ( with or without a Birth Certificate ) to ( least ) have a background of oneself first! And, in a Society that is constructed on ” production turning into a Birth Rate Majority in a few Communities” and ” children being raised without and with absense of “REAL PARENTS” the CIVILISED SOCIETY is deliberately converted into a norm of illegitimatcy….as normal! A Society where ( in reality ) there are no ACTUAL PARENTS but strangers who ( are raising strangers kids) .!

    This is a very detailed study based on the same concepts of ” intelligence by observations” it requires real fast accuracy and information! …. And, anyone who has the ablities can learn by paying attention to details and comprehending the way WHY PEOPLE BEHAVE THEY WAY THEY BEHAVE IN WHAT THEY ARE PROUD OF AND CALL THEMSELVES COMMUNITES!

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    This approach will OPEN the Eyes of Study of Criminalogy to a new perspective!

    So! Is the Truth going to be unbearable!… and the expose scares many! Right ?

    But! The People in.Norway are laughing!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.

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    HABIBHASAN-An American Babbler

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    Well! I comment on anything that concerns OUR United States of America; It’s National Affairs, External Relations, National Defense, National Security or Find Anyone “On Oath of Public Trust” making Policies or Truning Those Policies into Laws of Factional Advantages VERSUS Our One Nation Under God that I could foresee may alter or damage Our Country’s Eternal Destiny…. Yes! I Comment, Stand Up, and Raise My Voice From Top of The Dannali ( Mount McKenley)

    And, YES! YES! And YES! I do. And, will keep doing it until My Last Breath on This Haven on Earth!
    If those ( who are only concerned with Our Dollars, Themselves and Their Back Pockets! ) don’tsay and thing or look away when their Who Knows Who Buddies Violate The Law; I DON’T and Won’t Be a Bystander and watch the Drama on The Stage of Actors! That’s not me!

    If ( anyone) has better analysis or solutions to Our National Problems and Challenges We are faced, bring them.on the Table… It’s not wise namecalling someone who cared and is Honest as Honesty can be! Let’s compare our track records, if ready.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller