Democratic poll finds Maloney 3 points behind Hayworth


Democrat congressional candidate Sean Maloney trails freshman Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth by three percentage points in the Hudson Valley’s new 18th Congressional District, according to a poll commissioned by a Democratic political action committee and a major labor union.
Hayworth led Maloney 48 percent to 45 percent in the July 25 to 29 telephone poll of 500 likely voters conducted by Democratic pollster Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.38 percentage points.
House Majority PAC and the Service Employees International Union, which commissioned the poll, described the race as “essentially tied.’’
Hayworth’s spokesman, Michael Knowles, downplayed the significance of the poll because of its partisan origin.
Knowles said he doubted that Maloney, a corporate attorney from Manhattan who recently announced he has purchased a home in Putnam County, could have widespread community support.
“I think it’s unimaginable that someone who has never lived in the district, raised a family in the district, really fundraised in the district or shared the experiences of the voters of the Hudson valley would be able to truly represent that group in Congress,” Knowles said.
Maloney won the Democratic nomination in a June 26 primary.
His most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission reported the campaign had $264,364 as of June 30.
Hayworth, an ophthalmologist from Bedford, has a 5-to-1 cash advantage. Her campaign reported having $1.48 million as of June 30.
The race is rated as a tossup by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.
The 18th CD covers all of Putnam and Orange counties as well as the northeast section of Westchester County and southwest Dutchess County, including the city of Poughkeepsie.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Here is a Song I wrote when I read this news: By the rivers of New York! Hay! Hay! We will…….
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. There are multiple legitimate polls. Why do these Parties bother promulgating to the public their OWN polls when it’s all an obvious and transparent scam?

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Babbler on

    I makey a song. 10 hole words. Makes no scents say who?….. people reid my song!! They get dizzy. Very dizzy (fall down!). Not funny (joke!)!!!!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Babbler

  4. are you kidding on

    do not underestimate the ability of the congressional district to vote for either major party
    this year…nan hayworth was so far out in front with john boehner on voting against
    continuing the payroll tax suspension that she unnecessarily identified herself with those
    elements of the hard right tea party segment of the house which if maloney can properly
    frame the debate he will win

  5. The left all say Social Security is going broke, then they shamelessly play to the ignorant crowd by cutting “payroll” taxes. Hayworth was correct!

  6. are you kidding on

    no she wasn’t and neither is the tea party…with whom she identified until it got out of hand
    and she very well knows it….when she first ran the tea party was in the its
    viewed unfavorably by many more people than view it favorably…the issue in that district
    is whether they buy into romneys plan to cut taxes another 20% after we have seen the
    deficit grow to enormous proportions when the bush tax cuts were enacted after he started
    two wars and didn’t pay for either..and passed a medicare drug plan also not paid for
    you don’t get stuff for nothing….so the choice is either draconian cuts to government spending
    and the ryan medicare plan which will transfer the cost of any increases in health care to
    each individual…or its the simpson bowles plan of increased revenues in combination with
    some spending cuts and modifications of tax loopholes for things like mortgage deductions at
    the upper end and entitlement means testing etc…you can’t simply cut taxes and expect a
    different result…but that is the choice and nan may not be on the winning side even in that
    upstate congressional district

  7. Far too many entitlements. Democrats want to make us a European socialist state and Republicans refuse to pay for it. Simple as that. The battle is on.

  8. And the conundrum is that the left has created so many unaffordable, often bogus programs while at the same time stifling industry – that when cuts are proposed, even by Republicans who should know better, they inevitably attack the very people who created everything.

  9. just the facts on

    We are already a mixed economy…with entitlements not only going to those in the safety net
    but to you…yes that’s right…got a home mortgage?….your parents get medicare? or social
    security?…how about deducting your property taxes on your income tax returns…those are
    all subsidies for the rich….the problem is that we had a surplus when clinton left office..
    Bush was a republican and had a republican congress..they still spent on two wars without
    paying for them and on a medicare drug bill also without paying…and alan the great greanspan
    who is a milton friedman free market acolyte didn’t recognize the housing bubble when he
    stepped on it….so he just kept lowering interest rates so the party continued….then the bottom
    fell out…and W didn’t want to be remembered as Herbert Hoover so he allowed Paulson to
    ask for TARP…..please..stop blaming the democrats….there are plenty of culprits on both sides

  10. I support my family and ten others through my taxes. Yes, there are culprits on both sides. Keep raising property and school taxes and take away the deductions, and I and a few others will still have my home, but a $500,000 Westchester house will sell for 50 grand – $500 mortgage payment and $2500 monthly in taxes. Nice solution.

  11. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    ……. at least!,Dr.Hayworth does not have any connections with “Secret Society” neither her ancestry made “the Immigrants who came after them; and Their lives misrable!.

    If you can dig it! What I mean.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  12. are you kidding on

    your tax analogy proves my are reliant on the same “entitlements’ you criticize
    when they benefit you..its fine..when they benefit others the others are either lazy
    don’t deserve it or didn’t work for it…the point is that compromise is necessary on both
    sides…and that is why the tea party stinks

  13. You have no point! You and your pusillanimous ilk is the main reason we are in the malaise that we are as a nation.

  14. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Pick and Choose when it benfits only the Skunks! Is that’s this all about. No offence to the Skunks; they only stink the place unlike the Humans who found Factions used The Laws of Our Country for Unconstitutional Means! They say its Home Rule! And, use it IN BROAD DAYLIGHT to benfit thier Back Of The Behind Pockets! …

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.

  15. are you kidding on

    no webster the reason we are in going over the cliff mode is that the republican tea
    party members in the congress won’t compromise on anything and that is not how a democracy
    is supposed to work….reagan and oneil did clinton and gingrich did….but these guys signed
    on with grover norquist to get elected no they are making sure the bus goes into the ditch…

  16. Compromise on what? Another ten trillion dollars in debt and more business strangling legislation? That’s not compromise; that’s national suicide.

  17. are you kidding on

    no the compromise would be basically what simpson bowles recommended…spending cuts
    and revenue increases so that the deficit is dealth with before its too late..stop with the business
    strangling legislation crap…bush de regulated the banking industry and you got chaos and
    a depression because there was no transparency…we need to regulate ….but not over regulate
    unless you think that businesses who are in the business of making profit should operate any
    way they choose including shipping jobs offshore and avoiding paying taxes because they
    keep their money in the cayman islands….what the tea party types are doing is to force the US
    to run even larger deficits…Romney wants an additional 20% cut in income tax rates…
    now is not the time to cut revenue further…simply because it pleases grover norquist ..who annointed him king….every single successful president has given up something to get something
    but the republican caucus won’t do what even their supposed idol ronald reagan did and that’s

  18. Rockefeller is dead, and NYS has yet to recover from his wimpy politics. Obama is MUCH worse, if that is possible.

  19. are you kidding on

    under nelson rockefeller new york state had a strong vibrant and effective republican party
    once the conservative party and the right to life party started picking candidates based on
    social issues that was the end of the ability of the new york state republican party to be able
    to attract the myriad independents necessary to win statewide elections..other than george
    pataki…and for a very short time dennis vacco…and alphonse d’amato the party has been
    compromised by the conservatives who demand fealty to mike long on social issues..
    anytime you allow minor party’s to cross endorse you end up emasculating one or both major
    parties..its why the practice is not allowed in 44 york unfortunately allows it…just take a look at todays news paper ..the chairman of the independence party taped a conversation
    with a member of the county administration and clearly attempted to use his position to get
    information and protect his vice approve of that…..?

  20. Rocky’s radical left wing politics and spending (along with John Lindsey, who was chased over to the Democratic Party,) doublehandedly seeded and generated the uprising in NY Conservatism.