DKC Expresses ‘Support’ for Allison Lee (UPDATED)


The high-profile lobbying firm that employs the soon-to-be-jailed wife of Congressman Maurice Hinchey is out with a statement of support following the two-month sentence that was handed out today.

Allison Lee, 50, was sentenced today to 60 days in Albany County jail and three years probation for a drunken driving arrest in January. Lee, who lives with Hinchey in Hurley, Ulster County, had also been found guilty of driving while ability impaired in May 2011.

Lee serves as director of DKC Government Affairs, the Albany-based lobbying office of DKC Public Relations, Marketing & Government Affairs. The firm — whose Albany office lobbies on behalf of companies such as Madison Square Garden, JP Morgan Chase and General Motors — expressed support for Lee through a statement issued by its managing director.

“Allison has taken full responsibility for what happened. She understands the severity of the situation and we support fully the steps she has taken to address it. We wish her and her family well during a difficult time,” DKC’s Joe DePlasco said in a statement.

UPDATE: Later, DePlasco emailed to clarify: “We look forward to her return as soon as possible.”

DKC also issued a statement from Lee, who will begin her stint at the Albany County Correctional Facility later today:

“I deeply regret the pain I have caused my family and friends. I am mindful of my ongoing obligations to my son, my colleagues and my clients and am committed to living up to their trust and standards. I recognize how irresponsible my actions were and while I cannot erase my negligence, I am grateful for the opportunity to take full responsibility.”


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