Ryan’s selection an issue in NY House races


The selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s Republican presidential running mate will assure that Ryan’s proposal for trimming future federal spending will be a key issue in New York’s competitive House races.
Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter of Fairport, Monroe County, pounced on the announcement Saturday by pointing out that her Republican opponent, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, supports budget cuts that go deeper than Ryan’s budget plan.
“Maggie Brooks has already said Ryan’s budget doesn’t go far enough, which has fueled her campaign with tens of thousands of dollars and endorsements from Paul Ryan and other right-wing Republicans,” Slaughter said in a statement.
Former Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei of DeWitt, who is running against Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle of Onondaga for the Syracuse-area seat he lost to her in 2010, stated the selection of Ryan confirms the two parties have two competing visions of America.
Democratic Rep. Kathy Hochul of Erie County won a special election last year by highlighting how the plan authored by Ryan as chairman of the House Budget Committee would transform Medicare into a premium support program for senior citizens that critics describe as vouchers. She is seeking re-election against former Erie County Executive Chris Collins.
New York’s Republicans in Congress supported the Ryan budget last year and only one didn’t vote for it this year.
Freshman Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook, who is in a tossup re-election campaign in a redrawn Hudson Valley-Catskills district against Democratic attorney Julian Schreibman, instead voted for a bipartisan budget proposal for deficit reduction proposed by Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee and Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio.
A few Republicans – including Rep. Tom Reed of Corning – voted for both the Ryan and Cooper-LaTourette budget plans.
Reed, however, has said he prefers the Ryan plan. His Democratic opponent is Tompkins County Legislator Nate Shinagawa.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a series of press statements Saturday linking various Republican congressional candidates to Ryan’s budget proposal, including freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth of Bedford, Westchester County. Hayworth is in a tossup race against Democratic attorney Sean Maloney.
New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox commended Romney on the selection of Ryan.
“Congressman Ryan’s legislative experience compliments Gov. Romney’s business acumen and executive experience, creating a team uniquely qualified to lead us back from the brink of economic disaster brought about by three and a half years of failed economic policy under President Obama,’’ Cox stated. “Americans cannot afford four more years of out-of-control government spending, high taxes, and job killing regulations.’’


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  1. are you kidding on

    the first threshold for a VP pick is that he is qualified to be president on day one…Ryan has
    zero foreign policy experience…and if Obama’s critics maintain he has never worked in the
    private sector the same can be said for ryan….he has always been in politics…but Ryan’s
    budget proposal is what will doom this republican ticket..the cuts to non defense discretionary
    spending will gut prograses that even tea partiers want and need….his plan to reduce medicare
    to a voucher system which means that buying a health insurance policy becomes a function
    of each individual spending the voucher wisely will mean a 6500 increase in health care costs
    over the next decade…remember the tea party signs “keep your hands off my medicare”
    not so much…Once voters understand that this guy is trying to enact what Ayn Rand wanted
    in her right wing libertarian view of the world which is that everyman for himself controls..and
    that the government should simply disappear they will reject both he and Romney…Ryan is
    a lighting rod whose policies would devastate the middle class and who on top of it all even
    though he pretends to be a budget cutter and deficit hawk voted for all the bush spending including the un paid for medicare part D program….this ticket will get slammed in ohio
    and florida big time…the pick was Rubio…but Romney got bullied by bill Krystol..now they
    get the conversation that they want but they lost the election

  2. The Republican Party’s main failing is their timidity in publicly and adamantly excoriating the outrageous, bloated, and dangerous explosion of the welfare state. If they took that issue directly and cogently to the public, instead of letting the Dems point only to Medicare, they would win the country in a landslide.

  3. are you kidding on

    if the republicans were really serious about cutting government they would have unanimously
    supported simpson bowles which called for 4 dollars worth of cuts for every one dollar in
    revenue increases…you can’t just cut without replacing lost revenue or the deficit will grow
    even larger as most economists agree will happen under the ryan budget plan..we need balance
    but congressioanl republicans will not compromise because they are afraid to make obama look
    effective…when he is re elected they will finally do what is right for the nation…

  4. A “C” in Economics 101 from Lehigh hardly qualifies one to spend a career facilely expounding on national fiscal issues.

  5. @are you kidding,

    Are YOU kidding? Ryan has more foreign policy experience than President Obama did while a candidate. Also, Ryan never ate dog while overseas.

    And Simpson Bowles? It was President Obama’s commission and as soon as they came out with the report he treated it like a baby treats a diaper.

  6. Darrell McElroy on

    How he can rationally think that Paul Ryan will succeed in reducing the deficit when he is partly responsible for the exploding debt. He has been in Congress for 14 years and the debt has exploded, even when his party was in charge.

    Here is the irony of the choice for the GOP. They have to vote for a guy who passed a near universal health care law in his state (it is the model for Obamacare) with a VP nominee that hates that MA plan. Then, with a straight face, they have to vote for a VP nominee that voted for the Bush tax cuts (over a $1 trillion in lost revenue), an unfunded War in Iraq ($805 billion-gee that is about the cost of the stimulus which was 1/3 tax cuts), unfunded Medicare prescription drug coverage ($1 trillion), TARP ($700 billion), and the auto bailout (about $50 billion).

    Just like Nan Hayworth, Mitt and Paul both want to repeal Obamacare, which will cause drug costs to go up for seniors, throw adult kids off their parents health insurance, deny millions access to affordable health insurance, and allow insurance companies to deny people coverage if they have a pre-existing condition.

    Ryan voted against the Fair Pay Act for women. Mitt won’t even say if he would have signed it. Just like Nan Hayworth, both Mitt and Paul want to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood and deny healthcare access to millions of women around the nation. Just like Nan Hayworth, Mitt and Paul are also ok with insurance companies charging women more for health care coverage and don’t seem to mind that preventative care, like mammograms or physicals, will be out of pocket either. I guess they would rather let the system absorb the expense of treating breast cancer rather than making the system absorb the cost of a mammogram.

    Just like Nan Hayworth, Mitt and Paul are opposed to federal recognition of marriage rights for gays and lesbians and would keep DOMA in place. Just like Nan Hayworth, Mitt and Paul want to end Medicare as we know and pay for it by giving huge tax breaks to themselves.

    Yeah, I’d say these folks are pretty radical and would be bad for the nation. Let’s repeal and replace Nan Hayworth with Sean Patrick Maloney. Let’s keep moving forward with Obama/Biden instead of the “Go Back” team of Mitt and Paul.

  7. Agree w both Darrel and are you kidding

    So phony for all the Republican local pols to chime in praising this lost soul Ryan who knows nothing of middle class working families and owes his total political mantra to the writings of radical Ayn Rand

    Also sad that local Repub politicians are stepping up to salute this lost soul Ryan in exchange for the funds he channeled to their campaigns from the billionaire PACs from the likes of Koch and casino smut king Samelson spigots of dirty TV ad fame.

  8. Go Mitt! With Obama, we’ll soon be Norway without the oil, thus bankrupt. Plus, get rid of every Democrat locally or they’ll do it all by themselves.

  9. are you kidding on

    how about 3rd in my class….no c’s..but I digress…Ryan voted for every single bush spending
    increase..now he claims it hurt him to do it? where was this fiscal conservative when bush
    started two wars and didn’t pay for them….ryan voted for both…and how about the bush
    medicare drug plan …ryan again voted for that plan too…along with the bush tax cuts all of
    which contributed far more to the deficit than the one shot stimulus that limbaugh and his
    ilk keep bitching about…your problem is you can’t add…the cuts proposed by romney on
    top of not letting the bush tax cuts expire CANNOT be paid for by closing loopholes in the
    tax code because there are not enough loopholes…but you can be guaranteed that your
    mortgage interest deduction will be gone and that is the same thinf for the middle class
    as a tax increase…ryan came to dc working for jack kemp…he is a supply side fanatic
    who believes in the laffer curve….that has been shown not to work twice in the last 25 years
    and the deregulation that romney and he propose but not specifically tell you about is also
    destructive..want some more poison in the water supply or in your kids hamburgers..
    this election will be about choices and once independent voters find out what it means to
    them in the long run..and how it really won’t fix the problem unless a simpson bowles like
    plan is passed, (which ryan also dissented from) romney looses big time..

  10. are you kidding on

    said in a different way ,..we need regulation sufficient to protect the public from bad food
    bad water bad drywall bad toys bad banking etc…but not so much as to thwart small businesses
    from engaging in expansion and job creation

  11. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Any Origies in Washington D.C or Boston? LOL!
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  12. No “origies” in D.C., but Orioles in Baltimore. And all the libraries carry Darwin’s “Origies of the Species.”

  13. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    LOL! … at least Darwin was a Scientist unlike Mr.Frude!
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller