As Primary Nears, Saland Touts Property-Tax Relief, Job Creation


Sen. Stephen Saland, R-Poughkeepsie, is facing the first primary of his 32-year career next month, and he recently put out two mailers touting his record.

One mailer promotes the passage of the property-tax cap last year and mandate relief. The mailer, interestingly, also notes that Saland voted in favor of restoring a STAR rebate check — once a key priority of suburban Republicans — and encourages “the Assembly to follow suit.”

The other mailer touts Saland bringing jobs to the Hudson Valley and the repeal of the MTA payroll tax.

Saland is facing a primary challenge from conservative Neil Di Carlo as Saland’s Dutchess County district shifts to include a portion of Putnam County.

His recent campaign filing showed Saland spent $40,000 on the mailers sent out by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Saland, one of four Republicans to vote in favor of same-sex marriage last year, received his biggest campaign contribution from Ted Snowdon, a gay-rights advocate from New York City. Snowdon contributed $5,000.

Saland had $606,707 in his campaign coffers, as of earlier this month. Di Carlo had $20,717.

Here’s the property-tax mailer:



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