Rockland County head shop hit with fine after Schneiderman sting


A shop in Nanuet will pay a total of $15,000 after an investigation by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office found products such as nitrous oxide canisters had been mislabeled, according to a consent order.

Village Sensations, the head shop, sold Schneiderman’s investigators the nitrous oxide canisters (whip its) and synthetic drugs like Kratom products and Mollys Mosquito Caps, according to the AG’s office. State Supreme Court Judge William J. Giacomo signed an order Monday permanently prohibiting the store from selling any type of “synthetic drugs or intoxicants.”

“The proliferation of synthetic drugs has become a crisis in Rockland County, New York State and across the country,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “The judge’s order proves that, by taking a creative approach in using the state’s existing labeling laws, we can get swift results to remove dangerous synthetic drugs off store shelves and hold sellers accountable for breaking the law.”

Schneiderman in July had filed suit against 16 head shops across New York, alleging that they were selling synthetic drugs and bath salts that had been mislabeled as not for human consumption. The stores were soon hit with temporary restraining orders prohibiting the sales of such products, which in some cases (including the Nanuet shop) have now been made permanent.

Meanwhile, the state Health Department has announced its own bath salts crackdown last week, enacting tougher penalties for businesses that sell the synthetic drugs.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Welcome to Nanuet Mr.Attorney General! Ladies and Gentlemen ( of The Most Corrupt and Dubious County of The State of New York” where there is a “Long Standing Pattern of Who Knows Who Protecting Each Other” must wake up!

    The Attorney General of The State of New York has just arrived! Please ” all Fat and Slim Shadies” Please get out of the Way! ( Joke) !

    HOWEVER: HERE IS A NOTE OF PUBLIC INTEREST AND IS PUBLISHED FOR THE CONSUMPTION OF THE NY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL’s CONSUMPTION: I am sure the AG knows ( Being on Oath) as The Chief Law Enforcement Officer of The State) that “there are a vast majority of Individuals in this County of ROCKLAND , State of New York, United States of America WHO ARE ENGAGED IN ABUSE OF PUBLIC TRUST ( they are sitting in County, Town and Villages in concert with a “group of locals” and “not only giving them inside information of any stings from the State or Feds; they stick “together” have “made a lot of money” and washing it “through NGOs”….

    They “Protect” each Other! And, are in every Department of Local Government here. They act so obviously that a naked eye can see even in the pitch of darkness! They are in all 5 Towns and So Much In All Together ( where everything goes) otherwise its very difficult for ” the New Dimensions of Intelligence” to establish HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A FEW INDIVIDUALS TO BE SO COOPERATIVE IN WHITE CRIME AND PARTICULARLY ABUSE PUBLIC TRUST? Think!

    I have lived accross the Globe and Am An Private Qualified Analyst who.Specializes in National Defence, National Security and Intelligence Analysis;.and have 24 Years Of Local, State and Federal Experience and except P.hd., I all all Degrees in the Field! ( Didn’t get hired yet) . Besides, My God Given Talents are not for Sale To ” Any Foreigners”. I make by Living by Publishing! But! Choose to Dedicate My Education and Talents to My Republic… The Republic of George Washington.

    And, I see The Attorney General doing what The Role of His Office is! And, make me More Humbling with My American Pride! That’s would I do too, if I was The AG!

    Thank you! Mr.AG

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. they should serisously be looking more into the perscription drugs/doctors around this area.

    I take walk/job every morning between 6-8 am down main street new city.

    I see at least 3 drug deals going down between older people and these strange spanish looking guys (look like they are not from the area) on benches on main street, next to the fountain IN FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION.

    totally nuts.

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Thank-you! Walker… See Something! Say Something!
    ( this is a good place to do that !) It gets read by PEOPLE WHO ONLY NEED TO KNOW!

    But! I didn’t say that!…. ( just wrote it! ) LOL! Am I good or what? Please don’t say ” what ”

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  4. Kratom is not synthetic, its totally naturally and fine. Please dont spread misinformation.

  5. Kratom is NOT “synthetic”. You so called “reporters” need to get this understood. Kratom is a LEAF. It comes from a TREE.

    Since when are LEAFS “synthetic”???

    Kratom is milder than coffee and has less side effects than Coffee too.

    Please get your facts right.