DiDonato-Roth officially knocked off Senate ballot


Diane DiDonato-Roth, a North Castle councilwoman who had been trying to run for a vacant state Senate seat in Westchester, was officially knocked off the GOP ballot today after her potential primary opponent challenged her petitions.

From The Journal News’ Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy:

Out a total of 1,156 signatures the Westchester Board of Elections had disallowed, a state judge today found that 200 were valid. Roth had filed 1,786 signatures, but the disallowed ones left her with 830 valid signatures, under the 1,000 needed to stay on the ballot for the Sept. 13 primary.

Roth, whose petition was challenged by her opponent, New Rochelle businessman Bob Cohen, said she would not appeal the decision.

“I had 30 people coming to the courtroom to validate their signatures, some of the others are away on vacation. They have been calling me from cruise ships to say they wished they could come,” said Roth, a North Castle councilwoman.

That leaves Cohen, a Republican, up against Democratic Assemblyman George Latimer for the Senate seat vacated by retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck.


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  1. The fact that most of her signatures were invalid should warrant some further investigation into her business doings being a councilwoman for North Castle. Her self-serving, lying personality is an embarrassment to our community and she should step down from the town board as well.

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  4. Roth DiDonna was calling Cohen “Scarsdale Bob”, a phony, all sorts of other names saying he moved into a new home just to be able to stay in the district after the new census shifted the lines (he did since he is a millionaire and he bought some chump change house to do just that)

    Funny how Rs always suck up to each other in exchange for a future favor after one drops out of a race. Happens all too often with Rs

  5. just the facts on

    like it doesn’t happen with democrats….let’s take a look at the deals the unions made
    in return for contractual provisions that allow them to double their pensions by working
    overtime in the last couple of years …making them the real millionaires at taxpayer expense

  6. I'm getting Annoyed on

    Stop saying “the unions” it’s getting old. One City in the County agreed to that provision and only for 2 departments-police and fire. That’s it. And, if you look into the politics there, you’ll see that it’s only certain individuals that get that OT.

    Perhaps if Yonkers scheduled the work better and made use of the newer, lower paid police and fire (wo)men, it would cost a lot less…. but then you’d have nothing to complain about…. (cough)

    Besides, those guys and gals are out there saving your bacon everyday. I don’t object to them having good salaries and benefits, or even OT… I just think the OT should be left to those that can do more than sit at a desk for the last 3 years…. but that’s just me.

  7. It’s the Unions, “Guys and Gals,” Ladies and Germs. As an example, when you have a 42 year old traffic cop making 150 grand plus another 50 grand in benefits putting in OT to increase his retirement to almost full working pay, the chickens have come home to roost. The teachers, half of whom cannot teach and who can’t be fired or replaced, and with four months off, are close behind, or maybe ahead.

  8. I had 30 people coming to the courtroom to validate their signatures, some of the others are away on vacation. They have been calling me from cruise ships to say they wished they could come,” said Roth, a North Castle councilwoman.

    OH YEAH !!! TELL US ANOTHER ONE. When we go on cruises the last thing we think about is DiDonato Roth and her nonsense !!!!