Sea of Galilee becomes a source of shame for House GOP


New York Rep. Tom Reed says he was “appropriately clothed’’ when he went for a dip in the Sea of Galilee last year during a congressional trip to Israel where fellow Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas swam naked.
Yoder went skinny dipping after a group dinner that included the consumption of alcohol, according to a story by Politico. Yoder issued a statement this week apologizing for the incident.
Also traveling with the group were New York Reps. Nan Hayworth of Bedford and Michael Grimm of Staten Island.
Hayworth and her husband, Scott, were visiting historical sites in Tiberias during the swimming incident, according to her spokesman, Edward Yap. “She was not part of the dinner and she did not go swimming,’’ Yap said.
Reed, a former mayor of Corning and member of the swimming team when he attended Alfred University, did decide to take an evening dip with his wife, Jean.
“We didn’t see anything that was inappropriate,’’ Reed told reporters during a conference call Monday. “We’ll let Mr. Yoder speak for himself.’’
The Sea of Galilee is referred to by modern Israelis as Lake Kineret. It serves as the nation’s largest freshwater reservoir, according to the Israeli tourist board.
But it’s also known as the Sea of Galilee and the Sea of Tiberius, especially to Christians who read the New Testament accounts of the life of Jesus.
Reed confirmed the report by Politico that House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor lectured the group the day after the swimming incident. Cantor, in Reed’s words “expressed some serious concern about what happened.’’
Reed indicated the trip to Israel and the swimming incident were learning experiences for him. “Everything we do, we do in a fishbowl,’’ he said.
The Aug. 13-21 trip last year was paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation.

Nate Shinagawa, Reed’s Democratic opponent in the November election, charged that Reed’s behavior was disrespectful to those who consider the Sea of Galilee to be a holy place. “It’s disappointing to see our district in the national spotlight for a scandal at a time when the focus must be on job creation and economic growth,” Shinagawa said.
Hayworth’s annual personal financial disclosure report indicates her visit to Israel was the only trip she took last year that was paid for by an outside group.
Reed reported two other trips in 2011 paid for by outside groups.
Reed’s six-day trip to Seoul, South Korea, in April was paid for by the Embassy of Korea and a seven-day October visit to Taipei, Taiwan, was paid for by the Embassy of Taiwan. Reed reported that he did not travel with any family members on either of those two trips.


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  1. Moses Warbucks on

    Though the writer implies otherwise, Fools and drunks are not confined to one Party over the other. Furthermore, any of them, Democrat or Republican, who, naked or clothed, take these “subsidized” vacations which are nothing more than an obnoxious purchase of foreign influence, should be tarred, feathered, and recalled.

  2. What in hell’s the difference what Party the nude politician belongs to? Ignorant politicians and drunks come in all Parties. The reason the leftist press is on to this year old story is to deflect from the dimwitted and embarrassing Democratic peccadilloes of late and paint all Republicans with a dirty brush. Couldn’t be more obvious except to the terminally brain dead.

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  5. So Much Not Said on

    The right wing press seems to ignore this story and refuses to acknowledge the scandal of 100 Republicans going to Israel to vacation and drink it up

  6. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

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