Carvin urges Todd Akin to withdraw from race after controversial comments


Congressional candidate Joe Carvin, who is running against Nita Lowey in the race to represent District 17 in the House, just put out a statement calling on U.S. Rep. Todd Akin to withdraw from the Senate race in Missouri. Akin has faced a firestorm since suggesting that women’s bodies can prevent pregnancies during cases of “legitimate rape”:

Mr. Akin’s comments were as bewildering as they were offensive. They do not reflect the views of other Republican candidates, yet they cast a shadow on the whole party as long as Mr. Akin remains a candidate. I was hopeful, as initial news reports indicated, that Mr. Akin was going to make a hasty withdrawal from the Senate race as a result of his hurtful words, but he seems to be reconsidering that. He should get out now.


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