Wealthy donors part of NY GOP delegation


Billionaire David H. Koch is the wealthiest Republican among the generous campaign donors named as delegates to the party’s national convention that begins Monday in Florida.
Koch is one of 34 at-large delegates among the state GOP’s 95. He is estimated by Forbes to be worth $25 billion and has used his fortune to support conservative organizations such as Americans for Prosperity.
But the campaign donor who qualifies as the most unusual at-large delegate is James Robert Williams of the Jamaica section of Queens.
The New York Times described Williams in a July article as a mysterious donor who, with “few apparent assets and no obvious source of income, has become a major benefactor to political candidates and risen to VIP status in New York Republican circles.’’
Andrew Moesel, Williams’ spokesman, said Friday he didn’t know if Williams planned to attend the convention, but added that it’s doubtful.
The Times story said nearly $900,000 in campaign donations to both Republicans and Democrats have originated from the address for Williams’ apartment, including $50,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Other at-large delegates include:
— Edward C. Forst of Bronxville, a managing director of Goldman Sachs.
— Advertising executive Philip Geier Jr., whose firm, the Geier Group, provides advice on marketing and advertising.
— William Heyman, vice chairman and chief investment office of the Travelers Companies.
— Hedge fund manager David Knott of Mill Neck, Long Island.
— Republican fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher of New York City, president and CEO of the Borghese cosmetics firm.
— Andrew Saul of Katonah, Westchester County, vice chairman of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and chairman of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board.
— Charles Urstadt of Bronxville, chairman and CEO of Urstadt Biddle Properties.
— Charles Wang, co-founder of Computer Associates.
Also among the at-large delegates are former elected officials such as former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato of Lido Beach, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Gov. George Pataki of Garrison. Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld is a delegate from the 14th Congressional District in Manhattan.
County GOP leaders attending as delegates include Monroe County Chairman William Reilich, Dutchess County Chairman Michael McCormack, Rockland County Chairman Vincent Reda and Tioga County Chairman Donald Leonard. Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety is an alternate delegate.
Other delegates and alternates include county executives Maggie Brooks of Monroe County, Debra Preston of Broome County and Scott Vanderhoef of Rockland County, several state senators and members of the state assembly.
Daniel Senor, a foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney, is attending as a delegate from the 8th Congressional District.
Former members of Congress attending include alternate Sue Kelly of Westchester County and delegate Rick Lazio of Long Island.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    What is “… 34 at large?” You know what ” at large” means under the Law! Right! ( Joke ) !

    The Koch Brother is good man! He Supports Our Constitution. And, ( that fits My Criteria Of Respect ) any one in Public Offices of Trust in.My Country and It’s Branches! I AM not against anyone Personally! What I AM against is everyone who is against My Country’s Supreme Law of The Land and The Institutions That It Created. Particularly, those who knowingly ” abuse the interpretation ” when and How it suits them and vested Intersts and Multiple Passports! Sir! You want to Serve And Say America; and expect me to believe you? ( with Multiple Loyalties? ) Yes! If I was an idiot who is naive for US Dollars! No!

    It is the Basic Principle of Any Nations National Security to FIRST AND FOREMOST ” Remain a Sovereign Nation and Well Capable To Defend It’s Borders…. The VERY DEFINABLE and MOST IMMINENT factor or ingredient in the Meaning is ” INDIVISIBLE”

    Besides, that is also what is The Republic’s Alligence and The Oath We all Took ( over a Bible ) or Any Freedom of Faith that Our Constitution Gauranteeed!

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    “Believe and Verify!”

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    Here! Commenting on The Democratic Party, I am as an Objective American Writer am Professionally Obligated to Comment on The Republican Party too! What I am observing with ROMNEY- RYAN CAMPAIGN is two totally opposite individuals not only in CONFORMITY OF MY ABSENCE OF AGENDA comment and assessment and analysis similar towards The DEMOCRATIC Party.

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    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. Horrible that the Republican taxpaying middle class would support billionaires and people who fully fund political action committees (PACs) to put on TV ads and send out mailings with lies and distortions to swing elections for their own billionaire interests.

    If middle class taxpaying people would stop to think about their own best interest for their family they would hardly associate with the likes of the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Romney, or Ryan.
    These middle class taxpayers will need Medicare and other Social Security benefits in the future.

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    The ” Koch Brother” is from The Original American Breed and Time ( where there can be a straight line drawn on either a Piece of Paper or on Yellowstone National Parks Mountains in Rocky America!

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    Blaming such type of People is like Blaming the Country that they Belong to! They did go to China! The so called Self Proclaiming Working Class Took all American Brand Names to China turned America and It’s People Upside Down!


    And, claiming this and instead of Honoring and Thank them is the Working Class ( as if other are something else) behaviors are very selfish and self contridictory!

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    This is very strange! We all are Working Class including the Koch Brother and President Obama.

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    If anyone who has to self esteem or comes from a BACKGROUND and get Produced at Large not by mistake but as a norm in a Civilised Society is certainly have no regards towards his or her Motherland either.

    Don’t you agree! To Serve The Country One needs to.Respect it in First Private ( until Drones arrive) remembering the 2 Angles 24/7 On His or her shoulders and then in Public!

    Where is The Agenda? A National Agenga ? No where but everything is sex so rampant that is shocking!

    Trust me! I see more than a layman I am a Professional!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  4. Again

    It is horrible that ANY of the taxpaying middle class would support billionaires and people who fully fund political action committees (PACs) to put on TV ads and send out mailings with lies and distortions to swing elections for their own billionaire interests.

    If ANY middle class taxpaying people would stop to think about their own best interest for their family they would hardly associate with the likes of the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Romney, or Ryan.

    These middle class taxpayers will need Medicare and other Social Security benefits in the future.

    Romney Ryan and their billionaire controllers want to shift all that to their rich billionaire bankers and other investment shenanigans to potentially kill those programs the next time they screw up the financial markets.

  5. Most people are ignoring the Habib postings

    …give it up

    ….get coherent or stop these wandering paragraphs with no point or conclusions

  6. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    … Thanks! The American People didn’t know you were a Spokeswoman of ” who is reading and who is ignoring HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller’s COMMENTs”…


    Hey! I give a ( F ) for your Failings to comprehension! And attacking my writing and status!

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    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  7. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I agree largely with ” Get Real”! But, I am not a beliver of sliding a the wind blows…
    FROM ALL DIRECTIONS It was, It is, And, It will always be THE COUNTRY First and Foremost when I am a Policy Critic or Policy Maker! I am The American Breed that existed in The Golden Years of The Republic. I am 21st Century America’s Check and Balance!

    And you are too! Get Real! We can certainly make the Inhabitants of America aware of the difference between Right and Wrong! And, that is the Truth…

    Actually, to both or any Political Factions I give a ” F ” !.. .

    F them all, if they overtake The Country They Pretend to Represent! No one with just a little shame should bring America in The Front Driving Seat! Not Shift it in The Trunk! Americans will not allow it!

    Republicans or Democrats, it really doesn’t matter to me….I WANT TO SEE SOME PRIDE AND LOVE for The Soil!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller