Nearly 3,500 use new DMV voter registration site


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that 3,474 New Yorkers — including 1,028 first-time voters — have used the Department of Motor Vehicle’s new online voter registration service.

The initiative, announced August 16, allows eligible voters with driver’s licenses or non-driver IDs to apply to register to vote, or update their address or party enrollment, through the DMV website.

“This new initiative is breaking down barriers that have for decades kept New Yorkers from having a voice in their government,” Cuomo said in a statement.

New York is ranked 47th in the nation in voter registration, with fewer than 64 percent of eligible residents registered to vote.

The new system, which will also include digitized voter registration at electronic VeriFone terminals at New York’s 129 DMV locations, replaced the vast majority of paper forms and is designed to help centralize the digital transmission of voter registration applications. The measure is expected to save more than $270,000 a year.

To register, click here.


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  1. I Vote for More Government Checks to Me on

    Maybe these lazy ignorami would like us to send a cab to their apartment, too, to pick up the ballot.

  2. So Much Cuomo on

    Will Gov C be using the registration emails of those who use the DMV site for promotional purposes come election time or when he wants one of his pet “projects” advanced?

    Got to wonder….

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I think they will be “plenty” for Monsey, NY and Brooklyn Voters! But, I am puzzled how ( those voters ) will now ” Produce Driver License or ID! ….

    Because, to do that ” YOU HAVE TO EXIST” there has to be an actual ” PERSON” But! I was thinking ” Voting ” and ” Welfare Checks ” twice… are not the same topic right?

    Please enlighten me! Why ” other Communities ” of America don’t get ” THE WELFARE CHECKs DELIVERY” from ” MONSEY POST OFFICE ” twice at the same address ( sometime multiple checks at the same address) The Neighbors say ‘ no clue I have never seen.and Mr.Lipsshit here ever! Now, what happened is one letter got in a wrong door! LOL!

    Just joking! ACTUALLY I am just practicing to write Political Satire ! But, elders said in 1789 that ” there is always truth in even satire! Do you think so?

  4. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    …. ” where is your accent from?
    ( If its ok with them!…

    MY ADVICE: Before criticizing anyone ” who may not be ones Family Member of Maddona in Rockland County, NY… It will be wise to first ” look at your clothing” and ” secondly stop shaving heads … The Prices of Topa and wigs have gone very high! ( JOKE )

    Why ” are you against HABIBHASAN-An American Constitutionalist?…… ”

    FACT: In.The Town of Ramapo ( TRUE STORY ) a FEW INDIVIDUALS used to enter and walk in My FIRM a FEW years ago and one of them.” Actually, arsked me Standing in Front of My American Flag in MY PREMISES AND UNDER MY ROOF on This Blessed Soil ” Don’t you burn this flag!….” And, what I did ( is well documented and well known where it needed to be )

    So! here I am.( as that guy said ” he wad only joking! ”

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  5. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Hi! I can joke!…. Any American can joke! It’s like Our Republic’s ” Guns Rights”! As, American Political Scientists can observe what ever is happening ” TO GUN RIGHTS” is being implied in Joking!

    What an irony of fate and destiny! But, I Thank The Lord for The Patriots! …

    God Bless America!
    It’s 10 PM! Where are your Parents ( or Where are is Your “birth Parent/ Biological Father, The Several Boy Friends that Your Mama had ( a FEW had become your Step Daddies” until Child Support and Welfare! Also check where are THE ( unkown Biological Fathers of Other Siblings at Your Households! LOL!

    AND, Don’t ( just become the Definition of P in The PTA ( Back to Schools PTA Meeting ) Please don’t.impose this norm as Practices upon OTHER AMERICAN FAMILIES who only have One Father and One Mother with 2 or More Sibling, Are Church Going and Rose Families have been practicing the same Conduct And Norm as Prescribed in The Words of Mosses, Jesus and Mohammed! …. Besides, look! when those ( with Multiple Daddies ) become ” large in numbers ” the ” CIVILISED SOCIETY ” turns into something else! And, the Right gets looked upon as False!

    And, when. ( these People ) gets to ” judge” for example…I know what I lived with and face on a regular basis by constant bickering and Back Stabbing me!

    BUT ( prior a FEW Years ago ) I was to get hurt and sad and disappointed by The ” INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE A PATTERN of BEHAVIOR towards ( what they call BIN LADAN and McCARTHY Era!

    I started analyzing NOT WHAT HOSTILITY they demonstrated in me and at least a 80% dont even know me! But what As an.Analyst of Intelligent and Coming From a BLUE BLOOD BACKGROUND! I started analyzing NOT WHAT they did to me and my business and my character … I STARTED FOCUSING but My MAMA said ” Son! Congratulations…! You are going to America ( on.a Camel ) SIMILARLY, like ” many who got off FROM the BOAT! LOL! ..

    But! Many time I didn’t comprehend ” this Rat Behavior and Mentalites” towards ( just on someone’s Country of Origin) !

    The Good PART is that they do not have the same Philosophy of MCCARTHY ERA comparisons Towards THE Country of Origin of TIMMOTY McBAY Origin! LOL! ISN’T that the hypocrite Blindness?

    AND, America, Me and The Framers of The Constitution get stunned! ON THIS FINDING!

    NOW Start Respecting The Republic of George Washington! Respect! Respect!

    Every thought… If the WRITINGS OF AMERICAN Puritents is REPRINTED and Every American Reads it! What will happened then? They will start criticizing The United States similarly as they criticize Pakistan! But, actually if ONE DOESN’T READ MY GANDHI’S or CAVE or DESERT VERSION of World History ( LIKE WHAT JAMES MADISON may have read ) Pakistan may be renamed as ” PURITENISTAN”

    AND, then ” the RATING” OF anyone who is ” ….for the same region where BIN LADEN or TIMMOTY McBAY” and have nothing to do with either ” BUT JUST GET BLAMED AND TAUNTED ON DAILY BASIS” will be easier to compare and contrast! Then Richard Nixon will be restored ( the day America comprehends) the hypocrisy of a FEW Many!

    My MAMA was asking HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? And, I told her : Ma! FIrst time when this happened someone changed The Bible to suit only what was in favor of ( them ) from someone else’s Faiths; and those whose BIBLE ( they ) were not able to change … IN 21ST CENTURY AMERICA on US SOIL ( like a BOARD MEMBER OF MUSCLE HOSPITAL Staff Member tried to tell me that ” its McCarty Era ” for the True Brothers of Christian Faith! ….

    If People Read the Puritans Writings ( that helped The American Independence) and fine HOW MUCH SIMILARITIES DOES ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY and HOW MUCH SIMILARITIES Puristan and Americaistan has! It shocking!,!

    BUT HENRY’S KOUSIN don’t let it happen! Richard Nixon called and was asking to write that
    “Didn’t I Tell you!….
    LOOK THE FOREIGNERS bought TIME magazine!

    What do you think its American anymore? American is just the PASSPORT!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  6. DMC ( The Father of Reality Hip Hop! on

    Mr.Hasan! Very well said! I AM going to The Library of Congress and Google what ever The Puritains wrote and Research what was deleted when the Bible was changed to suit who?

    Certainly, not the Christians.
    And, THANK-YOU for you deep insights to The Findings of the root causes of global conflicts that are not taught at Harvard or Yale.

    Yes!.now I understand why three is so much hypocrisy …

    Please keep up The Good Work! I sang a FEW Songs that became best sellers before the Election of A First Black US President!

    And, Thank you, for waking me up! You make a lot of sense.

  7. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Veritas Sempri Fidales! My Fellow Americans.
    God Bless America.

  8. Do you mean Veritas semper fidelis? You crucify Latin even worse than you crucify English.

  9. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Thank You! Sir. I appreciate the spelling. BUT, I assure you more than.Spelling what matters us that I am made of it. That what reflects when I walk with My Head High Just Near The Blue Sky that’s My Pride and Honor of Me, My Father and, His Father and Fathers Father! I am a Blue Blood; Unlike Jerry Springers and P.Diddies!

    I am An American! That is My Pride! And, I Respect all! but no.naive. for The Country and It’s Soil.

    So help me God.
    God Bless America.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller