Ball Directs Staff to Produce Letters Attacking Opponent


An email mistakenly sent to The Journal News showed that Sen. Greg Ball directed his staff to get letters to the editor “done” that praise him and attack his opponent.

From TJN’s Marcela Rojas:

The Aug. 15 e-mail signed by Ball, which was inadvertently sent to The Journal News, tells a staffer to get “the following letters to the editor done” by 2 p.m. that day: “Small businessman thanking me for repealing MTA payroll tax; senior citizen thanking me for tax cap and supporting my plan to freeze school taxes for seniors; 9-11 survivor letter attacking wagner, thanking me as chair of homeland security and anti fracker attacking wagner, and his connections to fracking industry and thanking me for my leadership.”

The directions also include orders that the letters be 200 words or less, have actual facts supporting Ball and contain a “direct attack against wacky wagner.”

Ball, a Patterson Republican, is facing a challenge from Democrat Justin Wagner, a Croton-on-Hudson attorney.

As Rojas points out, it’s not the first time Ball has found himself in the news in regards to letters to the editor. Last year, a family from South Salem came forward to say Ball’s campaign rewrote a letter the family had sent to his office and submitted it to various newspapers without consent.

At least two letters to the editor slamming Wagner have been sent to reporters in recent weeks, both with a similar short format and written in a similar tone. Both were sent from the author’s personal email addresses, not the Ball campaign. You can read those letters after the jump.

Letter No. 1, sent Aug. 10:

In a recent letter to the editor written by the campaign against Senator Ball, extremist candidate Wagner has once again demonstrated that he will play by his own facts when it comes to discussing the issues. The fact is, not only has Greg Ball worked to guarantee equal pay for equal work, he sponsors the bill (S7057). In his four years with the Assembly, Greg Ball voted five times to guarantee equal pay for equal work (A3911-2010, A6712-2010, A3911-2009, A6712-2009, and A7407-2008).

In just two years as our State Senator, working with the Citizens Advisory Council on Womens’ Issues that he established, Senator Greg Ball has sponsored and passed into law legislation that lets victims of domestic violence remain in a domestic violence shelter for 180 days (a 45-day increase) (S6308). Greg Ball has sponsored and passed legislation that keeps confidential the mailing address of domestic violence victims (S5293). Furthermore, in less than two years Senator Greg Ball has secured $150,000 in new funding for the Putnam-Northern Westchester Womens’ Resource Center and My Sister’s Place.

As Chairman of Veterans Committee, one of the first bills Senator Greg Ball sponsored and passed guarantees that a mother could not lose custody of her children based on her active duty military status. Senator Ball also passed legislation to create the Women Veterans Coordinator in New York for women who come home from active military duty.

As a young woman, I appreciate that Senator Greg Ball represents me. I do not appreciate lies and distortions, especially scheduled three months before an election and especially after watching Senator Ball work so hard for years.

Nicolette St. Lawrence
Garrison, NY

Letter No. 2, sent Aug. 9:

I recently read an article by a local candidate promoting campaign finance reform. Yet according to the State Board of Elections, this same candidate, an extreme, tax and spend , ‘hired gun’ Manhattan attorney, also recently accepted $5000 from Albany’s most liberal and entrench establishment and another huge contribution from an Albany insider connected to Albany’s AIG scandal.

Sad but true. Furthermore, this candidate did not disclose the close relationships netting his fundraising gains, including those within a multi-billion dollar, Manhattan law firm. A law firm that could benefit greatly from control over the state senate, and its agenda.

Who is the candidate saying one thing on campaign finance reform while accepting these questionable monies? Justin Wagner.

This is the same candidate, caught last week lying boldly to the press about his campaign filing, who is running on a platform of higher taxes, more government spending and giving full benefits to illegal aliens. Little wonder, for his Manhattan firm, charging $1000 an hour, represents a long list of undesirables. A list so grotesque most people would rather go broke, than be associated with the company this firm keeps.

Its time for this extreme candidate to come clean with the voters, return the dirty money and disclose both his financial ties with this Manhattan firm as well as immediately disclosing all clients, especially those with interests before the state.

Greg Kane


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  2. This guy is a first class bozo, but we put up with him because he is a fiscally conservative first class bozo and (if barely) preferable to leftist first class bozos.

  3. Nicolette St. Lawrence is an intern in Ball’s office, according to her Linked In profile, found via Google.

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  5. More info please: Was the e-mail sent to a campaign staffer or a senate staffer? Was it sent using his personal or official e-mail address? In other words, is he just sleazy, or was he breaking the law?

  6. Welcome to Politics America 2012. Until voters start voting against those who manufacture this negative stuff, it will NEVER stop. The Republicans especially live to go negative.

  7. David O, our latest Einstein blogger. First, he complains about negative “stuff,” then he goes sweepingly negative on “Republicans,” (who make up at least half the entire nation.)

  8. all these politicians do this. Stop acting so surprised or outraged. and Whatever happend to Ball’s chief of staff that he hired on Leibell’s recommendation, turned out to be a spy and forwarded ball’s confidential computer information and documents to Leibell? and in the email to leibell’s minions said “YOU DIDNT GET THIS FROM ME!!!” isn’t that a much bigger story than this letter stuff?

  9. Good Question..Chuck. Is Ball using the ‘state paid’ staffers or interns learning in his local Senate office? How many ‘staffers’ does Ball have in his campaign office? They probably have wifi in campaign office and anyone could use their personal computer to generate letters…not state owned. Sleezy…sure is. So typical.

  10. To Bottom Feed, What ever happened to that story about the personal computer info in State Assembly Office information being sent out? Never heard much.

  11. nice way to answer a question: with a question. I never heard what your talking about, personal computer and state info. Where’s the crime even if that happened? on the other hand chief of staff hired on Leibell’s recommendation, turns out he’s a leibell spy. hacks into computer. hacks into personal email accts. steals information and documents. gives documents to leibell and to the top folks in democratic committee. in the email writes “YOU DIDN’T GET THIS FROM ME”!!! That’s a much much better story to follow up on than this sub, goes on with all these guys. At least the letters are authentic. Unless you want to make it up. Sounds like an anti-Ball’er. Just make it up if it don’t fit. all I’m asking for is what ever happened to that story? I know Ball filed a complaint with the sherriff and DA but if that’s what he did then i guess we already have our answer

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