60 NY Candidates Fail to File Financial Disclosure Forms


A total of 60 candidates running for the state Legislature have failed to file a legally required document disclosing their outside income and financial holdings, according to a list just published by the state ethics board.

Under state law, anyone running to become a state lawmaker has to file such a form within 10 days of becoming a candidate. If not, they face a civil fine.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics released the list of delinquent filers today after warning at its meeting earlier this week that it would be on its way.

Most of those on the list appear to be from Assembly districts in New York City, but there are a few from the lower Hudson Valley. That includes Patrick Manning, a former Assemblyman running for his former Dutchess County-based seat; Working Families Party candidate William Gerard, running in an Assembly district that includes part of the town of Ramapo; and Matthew Katchmar, an Independence Party candidate for a separate Rockland County seat.

The full list can be found here.

“Financial Disclosure Statements are important tools for the promotion of transparency and accountability amongst those who serve the public and those seeking election to public office,” JCOPE Executive Director Ellen Biben said in a statement. “The Joint Commission will continue to use its powers and jurisdiction to ensure compliance with State ethics laws.”


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