At Republican Convention, Westchester’s Astorino gets a moment with Mitt


I thought I spotted Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino shaking hands and greeting Mitt Romney on his entrance to the Republican National Convention last night.

If I had been watching on television rather than live streaming to my Mac at, I would have hit rewind on the DVR and paused the scene long enough to take a picture. I got some confirmation during the morning news shows as replays of the entrance included overhead shots in which I was pretty sure I spotted Astorino again, but I didn’t come across the same shot of him briefly chatting with the GOP nominee.

Luckily Roll Call’s Rebecca Shabad (@RebeccaShabad) captured the shot and shared it with @LoHud on Twitter today. The handshake does look a little awkward in the still shot, but I didn’t get that impression when it aired live.

Either way, it’s a nice moment in the presidential politics spotlight for Westchester’s top elected official.

View Shabad’s original Tweet here.


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  6. If Astorino were running your town or city, or headed your school board, you would get headlines and accolades for being fiscally fit and your taxes would concomitantly take a nosedive. Vote Romney. Things may not change overnight, but under the other guy, things are destined to get even worse.