WATCH: Full Video Of Cuomo’s Speech At DNC


Here’s the full video of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s speech to the New York delegation at a hotel in Charlotte this morning.

The 20-minute speech knocked Republicans, in particular the Romney-Ryan ticket, and praised New York for its progressive efforts.

On Ryan’s budget, Cuomo said, “Those numbers tell you their priorities and those numbers tell you where they will take this nation. The Ryan budget is a paint-by-numbers picture of the America they want to bring to us. And that picture is a foreign picture to me my friends.”

He added that President Obama took over in a poor economy that the Republicans created when they were in power:

“That’s what Barack Obama inherited, and they created it. And frankly it is absurd that the people of the party that created the problem now want to present themselves as the solver of the problem to the American people.”


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  1. Whited Sepulchre on

    Watch video of Cuomo’s speech? Rather stick pins in my eyes. This hypocrite while running HUD, is largely responsible PERSONALLY for the mortgage housing crisis in this country by effectively FORCING banks to offer tons of mortgages to unqualified deadbeats in the interest of “fairness.” He may be kidding you, but he’s not kidding me. You might be able to Buffalo Bill, but you can’t Con Edison. What colossal nerve!