New cable TV ad slams Hayworth


House Majority PAC’s first televlsion ad in New York this election season is targeting freshman Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth of the Hudson Valley’s 18th Congressional District.

The super PAC’s spokesman, Andy Stone, says the ad will run for several weeks on cable television systems in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess and Orange counties.

The ads are part of a $2.2 million media buy in six key congressional districts across the country where Democrats think they have a good shot of unseating Republicans. The other targeted districts are in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio and California.

Stone described the Hudson Valley media buy as “substantial,” but declined to say how much of the $2.2 million will be spent in New York.

The ad, titled “Wrong Party,” ( charges that Hayworth has embraced Tea Party values “way outside the New York mainstream,” according to Alixandria Lapp, executive director of House Majority PAC, citing Hayworth’s vote to defund Planned Parenthood as an example.

Hayworth, who favors abortion rights, described the Planned Parenthood vote as one of her most difficult votes in Congress.


“Bad poll numbers and dismal fundraising have unhinged the Maloney campaign, and they’ve led to silly and self-defeatingads like this one. Congresswoman Hayworth is a center-right candidate in a center-right district, fiscally responsible and socially moderate. The ad would be more effective if it were titled ‘Wrong District’ and highlighted the
absurdity that Sean Maloney has never lived a day of his life in the district he wants to represent, ”





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  1. Nan Hayworth-less is finished on

    She’s nothing but a true VINNY LEIBELL production and she hired losers to work for her despite dire warnings from a lot of people. The dems are taking this seat back, and nan hayworth-less’s losers will have to go home and figure out who next they’re going to scam for a do-nothing job. They may even have to enter something called “THE JOB MARKET”, where you have to compete against qualified people and you have to produce an actual work product. I bet they’re getting the sweats just reading this!

    Bye bye Nan!!

  2. good tv spot and true..nan was way out front on the republican attempts to block the
    payroll tax extension…she is unfortunately not a moderate congresswoman but someone who
    is a follower of eric cantor rather than being an independent voice in that CD which is
    exactly why she will lose

  3. Sense and Sensibility on

    For years, they tell us Social Security is rapidly going bankrupt, then they play to the ignorant crowd and vote for payroll tax extensions. Hayworth was correct and courageous to vote for logic with logic.

  4. are you kidding on

    she was illogical and incorrect…social security is not going bankrupt soon…the fix is easy
    medicare is the problem but who would be for blocking the extension of the payroll tax
    holiday when every other republican claims to be against tax increases…and not extending
    the holiday in the middle of the worst downturn since 1929 would be exactly that a tax increase.
    as it happens the tea party and nan are on the wrong side of the issue..simpson bowles got
    it right and grover norquist has these republican tea partiers against a wall with his pledge,
    ronald reagan raised taxes 18 times…he knew how to compromise…hayworth by adopting
    the eric cantor mantra is telling us she doesn’t want to make a deal…she doesn’t want to
    raise the debt ceiling even though it has been done forever and is not raising spending because
    the money has already been spent..and she is telling us that her number one priority isn’t
    fixing the deficit its defeating obama…this is not the republican party of eisenhower nixon
    and reagan or bush 41..this is a radical reactionary party which believes in the rantings of
    ayn rand and the notion that government should be abolished…try that with your hamburger
    full of e coli because the meat is no longer inspected…Romney loses and Hayworth loses

  5. Sheila Hamilton on

    Nan Hayworth lies, when she says she supports Women’s Health Care issues. Just look at her 33 votes aganist- defunding Planned Parenthood, title 10 funding & abortion issues-Her first vote against Women was HR-3. Just look at her voting record-Her words and herself are a product of the the right wing to appeal to women-who they think will vote for Nan-just because she is a women. Nan Hayworth is NOT Hillary Clinton.

  6. Sense and Sensibility on

    are you kidding takes three novels and a novella to make a simple point. And simple is the operative word.