Meet The New President of NYSAC


Orange County Executive Edward Diana was elected today to serve as president of the state Association of Counties.

The vote took place during NYSAC’s annual seminar in Syracuse.

“County Executive Diana has been a steady and astute voice on the NYSAC board. We are pleased our members have elected him to serve as the next president of NYSAC,” said Mary Pat Hancock, chairwoman of the Genesee County Legislature and the outgoing NYSAC president.

Diana, a Republican, is one of the longest serving county executives in the state, having first been elected in 2001. He, along with most county executives, has been outspoken against unfunded mandates pushed down by the state to the local level.

He’s also been considered a possible statewide candidate. In 2010, he toyed with the idea of running against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, but didn’t run. He also has considered runs for Congress. He’s a former gym teacher in Orange County.

“It is an honor to be elected president of the New York State Association of Counties,” Diana said in a statement. “Our challenges across the state are many and the consequences important to our constituency. I will continue to work hard on behalf of the citizens of Orange County and the counties all across the state, in cooperation with our state officials and other units of local government.”


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  1. These glorified dimwits had better get together and press the State to do something about astronomical and still escalating public pension costs, and fast.

  2. Pronto Besmircher on

    Public Pension Costs Are NOT the Cause of any Economic Harship.

    The Right Wing Bankers, CEOs and Investment Bankers with off Shore accounts such as Bain, Romney, and the Scourge in BOA, Citi, Goldman, are the cause of the 2008 mess and You all know it.

    Now that their Bacon was saved by Republican Bush and his cronies in charge way back in 2008 you are STILL falsely Blaming the Pensions of Real Workers who get and average of $18,500 as a public pension in New York state

    (dont include those inflated and exhorbitant cop and fire chief pensions since Real Workers DO NOT have the opportunity to inflate their pensions with 3 years of planned overtime)

  3. As you well know unless you just fell off the sweet potato truck, or you’re hell bent on obscuring the facts (which I think is the case,) no one’s complaining about a $20,000 pension. Bernake’s erroniously trying to save his own reputation and Obama’s bacon by printing more and more $ and devaluing the dollar. With his radical ideology, he won’t admit that he has shot his wad and can do nothing else. Fact is, no matter how low interest rates go, banks don’t want to loan, business doesn’t want to borrow. What Democrats top to bottom don’t understand is that it is innate in the human being to work with the profit motivation, including all these liberal, hypocritical hot shot Hollywood stars. Admit it, Deal with it, approach economics from this ancient inalienable truth, and things will turn. Ignore this advice and perish. Vote Republican this time!