Schumer touts ‘Brains Act’


New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s latest idea for new federal legislation is called the “Brains Act.”

Schumer and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware are proposing changes in the visa system that would encourage foreign students to stay in the United States after they receive graduate degrees in science, tecnology, engineering or math.

Their proposal would grant 55,000 new green cards per year over two years for foreign students who graduate from U.S. colleges and universities with advanced degrees in STEM fields.

However, the outlook for immigration reform legislation before the end of the current Congress is dim.

Congress already has a long list of unifished business — expiring tax cuts, for instance — and much of that will be postponedĀ until a lame duck session after the Nov. 6 election.





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  1. Doesn’t Schumer remember GE lay off their IT employees in Schenectady so they could ship the jobs off-shore thanks to the tax breaks the Politicians gave USA Corporations. When will Schumer start helping the voters and tax payers of USA. Maybe Schumer should move off Shore.