Frank Morganthaler announces candidacy in 17th Congressional District on independent We the People line


Frank Morganthaler, who lost a write-in challenge to Joe Carvin in the Republican primary in the 17th Congressional District, has announced that he is running on an independent line on the November ballot called We the People. Nita Lowey is the district’s longtime Democratic incumbent. The district covers Rockland County and parts of central and northwest Westchester. The maps are available here. The announcement is below followed by Morganthaler’s bio and position statements:


Thornwood, NY (September 17, 2012) Hawthorne resident Frank Morganthaler today officially announced his candidacy for the 17th District’s Congressional seat.

Morganthaler, currently a private investigator and retired New York City Fire Lieutenant, has joined the Congressional race as an independent candidate and a member of the We the People party. “I chose this party name because we are about the people. The people have been left out of the selection process for a long time and have had no voice in who their party chairs nominate as candidates.”

The newly formed 17th district is very important, as it affords its citizens a clear choice: the conservative views of smaller government, lower taxes, and reduced spending OR the big spending, big brother policies of the current regime.

Morganthaler is running against Joe Carvin in the race to unseat Nita Lowey. “We need a representative in Congress with true conservative views, who will help protect our Constitutional rights and freedoms. I have received overwhelming support from voters and organizations in Westchester and Rockland and look forward to a successful campaign.”

Frank Morganthaler US Congress 2012


Frank Morganthaler – Bio

Frank was born and raised in Yonkers. He is a Vietnam Veteran having served with the United States Marine Corps. Following his Honorable Discharge, he joined the New York City Fire Department and, 22 years later, retired as lieutenant.

Currently a New York State licensed private investigator, Frank is also an emergency management consultant for the largest buildings in New York City and trains their personnel in emergency and evacuation procedures.

Frank has worked on numerous political campaigns on various levels of government. He is a former board member of the Yonkers Private Industry Council and a current national board member of the Animal Charities of America Federation.

Frank has volunteered countless hours to serve in many leadership positions of veteran organizations, such as American Legion, Marine Corps League, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America, Westchester County Veterans Advisory Board, Eastchester Gold Star Mothers Monument Committee, and the New York State Medal of Honor Committee.

Frank’s commitment to our veterans remains strong, as he continues to help wounded soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is often seen at various VA hospitals organizing events. His fund-raising efforts and volunteer services to America’s VetDogs and Canine Companions for Independence help provide service dogs free of charge to seriously wounded vets.

Community service does not stop with the veterans for Frank. He has also served in various capacities for Habitat for Humanity, East Yonkers Boys and Girls Club, parade committees, youth programs and sports, Community Emergency Response Team, Disaster Response Team with the American Red Cross, and the Westchester Emergency Communications Association.

Frank resides in Hawthorne with his wife, Barbara, and has one daughter.

Frank Morganthaler US Congress 2012


Where I Stand

? Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the freedom it guarantees all Americans (i.e. Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms);

? Fully repeal ObamaCare (important issues, such as pre-existing conditions, no lifetime caps on benefits, keeping adult children on policies, etc., need to be addressed as separate items without dismantling the entire healthcare system);

? Repeal/overturn the “sequestration” process under the Budget Control Act of 2011, which currently amounts to a $500 billion cut to our military over the next 10 years, compromising our national security and our ability to remain strong in our fight against terrorism — the government is ignoring its Constitutional obligation to “provide for the common defense”;

? Repeal the regulations imposed by the Obama administration, which restrict the growth of private sector businesses and our economy;

? Develop domestic energy sources and increase domestic energy production (increase number of drilling permits, allow drilling in untapped areas and off-shore locations, support the shale oil industry, approve the Keystone XL pipeline, remove Obama-imposed regulations on existing domestic energy providers) resulting in an “Energy Self-Sufficient” America, no longer dependent on the Middle East, and thereby reducing the cost of fuel to consumers and creating jobs;

? Prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, which no doubt will be used against America;

? Support Israel, our ally, in their struggle against terrorist states, like Iran, who seek to destroy them;

? Protect and preserve Medicare for our seniors (restructure the system, without raising any costs to current seniors, to keep Medicare solvent and viable for the future);

? Support the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act (HR 2560);

? Enforce current Immigration Laws, strengthen our border control, and prevent shortcuts to citizenship through amnesty;

? Support and protect our Right to Bear Arms (2nd Amendment) and fight against any efforts to circumvent this Amendment through external treaties or UN mandates;

? Support life, which begins at conception (Pro-Life);

? Support traditional marriage;

? Support term limits on all members of Congress;

? Support restructure the Department of Veteran Affairs to afford our veterans prompt benefits to which they are entitled (cut the red tape!);

? Join the Congressional Tea Party Caucus immediately upon taking office; and

? To serve you, the people of the 17th District, and not the leaders of any political party.


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