VIDEO: Cuomo Says Design Will Be Critical For New TZ Bridge


In announcing a deep lineup of artists and architects to help design the new Tappan Zee Bridge today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the design of the bridge will be an important aspect of its development.

Cuomo, who lives in New Castle, Westchester County, said the region “is really one of most beautiful places on his planet” and the bridge should take into account the rich landscape surrounding the Hudson River.

“I think design is an important element here. As I’ve said before, this is a magnificent part of the Hudson River,” Cuomo said.

The design team will be reviewing the three bids that came in for the new $5.2 billion bridge. Construction is expected to start by year’s end.

“This bridge should last a minimum of 100 years before it needs any major structural years. It should last 150 to 200 years in the end,” said Brian Conybeare, a special assistant for Cuomo on the project.

Cuomo was asked why environmental groups weren’t put on the advisory team. He said the group is diverse.


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  1. Better idea…. Replace the TZ with a high-speed rail bridge, thereby forcing the overwhelming majority of commuters to use mass transit. Absolutely need your car? Drive into the city using the existing alternate routes and suck up the delays. Do that, Andrew, and you can roll into 2016 calling yourself “The Green Governor”.