Westchester legislators kill Astorino plan for development corporation


By a vote of 8-9 Monday night, the Westchester Board of Legislators killed a proposal by County Executive Rob Astorino to create a local development corporation by declining to send the authorizing legislation to committee.
But at the same time, the board began work on its own plan for an LDC.
The majority of the Democrats on the board objected to what they said was a lack of checks and balances in the proposal by Astorino. As drafted, the law gave Astorino the one vote with ultimate control of the LDC, said Legislator Peter Harckham. He also said Astorino’s plan also had some flaws pointed out by the state Comptroller in a report criticizing LDCs last year.
The drafting of the new legislation will hold up the LDC’s first two bonds, for Northern Westchester Hospital and Rippowam Cisqua school.


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  1. Another childish act by the BOL. They have all turned to taking their football and going home. What happened to talking out differences??? The Ego’s are ruining government in Westchester. We now have a government that is costing the taxpayers more money because these legislators want it their way all the time and they don’t care who gets hurt or what doesn’t get done for the good of the tax payers. Well keep it up soon the voters are going to become educated to vote you out.

  2. 10 blind mice is 1000% correct. The Democrats are really ruining Westchester. Thank god they (the Dems.) don’t have a super-majority anymore, but its really time to give Astorino a Republican controlled legislature. Think of all the good that would happen. To dream.

  3. Big Li'l Baby Boy Bobby on

    Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I want my way! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I want more power! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!! I got picked on as a kid and have a napoleon complex! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Democrats are bad!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! My father the convicted dirty felon cop is good! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  4. You must be kidding on

    What? Tea Party Astorino couldn’t just decree the LDC into existence? The non-existent LDC then proposed to bankroll a PRIVATE school and a PRIVATE hospital?

    Yeah it is childish to protect the PUBLIC’s money.

    Sounds really conservative to me to take public money funnel it your friends. How were these PRIVATE organizations selected in the first place.

    By the way those Democrats are the ones that lowered your taxes … those Democrats are the ones that told you there was no $166 million dollar deficit …

  5. Saturday Night Dive on

    Submit to Leno, Letterman, Marx Brothers and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not : “Democrats are the ones that lowered your taxes.” Best laugh I’ve had since they told us the nuclear meltdown in Japan “never happened.”

  6. The better laugh was when astorino’s dad first professed he was “not a corrupt cop” and was “not guilty.” Or even better was what astorino’s first wife exclaimed when she first saw his “dinky.” Can’t make this sh-t up. BTW bobby, whatever happened to your first wife? I thought “Christians” like you were not allowed to get divorced? I forgot. The rules don’t apply to you. It couldn’t possibly be that you are a hypocrite.

  7. You wanna laugh D-ck? on

    “Best laugh I’ve had since they told us the nuclear meltdown in Japan “‘never happened'”? Really? How about this quote from teabagger rep 1st female governor (NJ) chris todd whitman?

    Three days after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Whitman told reporters, “The good news continues to be that air samples we have taken have all been at levels that cause us no concern.”

    And on Sept. 18, 2001, she reassured residents that their air “is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink.” Whitman later testified in congressional hearings that she was talking about the air of Lower Manhattan generally, not Ground Zero specifically.