Senate Democrats fund mailer for Latimer’s Senate run


With primary season now in the books, Senate Democrats are beginning to spend on general election races, with one of their first mailer of the campaign season aiding Assemblyman George Latimer.

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee remains about $1.45 million in debt, but had about $770,000 on hand in July. Senate Democrats shied away from being active in primaries, but — like the better-funded Republicans — are focusing their efforts on a handful of close races across the state.

That includes Latimer’s run for the seat of retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck. A Rye Democrat, Latimer is facing Republican developer Bob Cohen of New Rochelle in a closely watched run attracting dollars from both major parties.

The mailer, which is expected to hit southern Westchester County mailboxes in the coming days, appears to be an attempt to beat back the Cohen campaign’s messaging, which has repeatedly tried to paint Latimer as the “highest taxing official in Westchester County.”

“No one has done more to lower our taxes than George Latimer,” the mailer reads, before highlighting property-tax cuts during his time in the county legislature and his sponsorship of bills that would expand STAR rebates and fully repeal the MTA payroll tax.

(Cohen’s campaign, however, has been quick to point out that Latimer voted in favor of the MTA tax when it was first implemented in 2009. Latimer’s camp last week released a video describing his vote and detailing his bill to repeal the tax, which acted as a bailout of the cash-strapped MTA.)

Senate Republicans, who are set to get a $1 million boost in their housekeeping account from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have spent significantly on Cohen, including about $102,400 from January through July.

UPDATE: The Senate Democrats are also funding a mailer in the Rochester area, where Monroe County Legislator Ted O’Brien is running for the Senate against Assemblyman Sean Hanna.

Check out the Democrats’ mailer here:

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  1. Good god I hope we can elect someone better than this tax & spend career politican.

    If elected, get ready for Latimer to support/introduce legislation in the NYS Senate to increase utility taxes for New Rochelle residents & put in a new real estate transfer tax also for New Rochelle residents. Oh yeh, Latimer will also vote in line with all the Senators from NYC and what issues do we have in common with NYC? We live in the suburbs and have our own issues.

    Has Latimer ever proposed cutting a program or expense? Seems to me he likes government and doesn’t think its big enough. Thanks but no thanks Mr. Latimer I know we can do better.

  2. Bill posted a Garbage post.

    Latimer cut taxes 3 yrs in a row as county board chair. Voted to cut income tax rates and MTA payroll tax in 2011. He authors the bill to cut rates on home sales.

    The GOP repeats the untruth, but Latimer is an exceptional leader. If Latimer is elected, Bedford to YONKERS folk will love him like Lmt, Mmk, Rye and PC do now.

  3. Larchmonter are you really George? These facts are so easy to spout because they come from George’s own voting record and this stuff can’t be made up. I know it freightening to absorb but Latimer is a true tax & spend liberal who voted for the MTA payroll tax before deciding he wanted to repeal it and I only wish he’d made that desicion before he voted for the tax in the 1st place.

    I notice you didn’t challenge anything I said about New Rochelle or cutting expenses/government, why? Because you & I both know I speak the truth.

    I’ve met Bob Cohen & he’s a great guy too, just like Latimer so let’s focus on what they’ll both do as our Senator & I know Bob won’t vote to raise my taxes. Latimer on the other hand has a long history of increasing taxes so why would I vote for him?

    Vote Bob Cohen on 11/6, you’ll be glad you did!

  4. Bill are you really Bill O’ Reilly? Your comments on this page are like those on your show. Good luck in your debate against Colbert you’re gunna need it.

  5. Thanks Jordan for the compliment but that’s not me. I’m just a regular guy trying to make ends meet.

  6. Bill, I’m not George, just one of the many, many people who are with him – the real grassroots not the phony ones Cohen used in his TV ad. Those of us who are volunteers – and there are many – know exactly what George has done. For openers, he’s voted for the last two State Budgets, which has cut spending below the level of 2010. And while you trumpet New Rochelle, you don’t like reminding people the NR City Council voted to kill the tax cut, and that majority and Mayor was twice re-elected by the voters since then. Why not trumpet Rye Brook, where George has made a significant difference in helping to keep their village taxes lower.

    Bill – George has no bad tax record, and the more you fabricate it, the less believable it is. You gloss over his record as Board Chair – three straight tax decreases. You try to use the same tactics used by every Republican running against every Democrat. and it doesn’t wash with a guy like George.

  7. Cohen = A grin, a shake of the hand, with strings attached to the Club that’s ruled the Senate for 73 of 76 years.

  8. Larchmonter, it was those 3 years that really hurt New Yorkers.

    I suppose though, given your handle, that you’re one of 1 percenters that can afford to pay whatever NY wants to take. I just hope your trust fund has weathered the financial crisis better than my 401k.