WATCH: The Greg Ball Campaign Dance Party


This pretty much speaks for itself, but here’s video posted yesterday at Sen. Greg Ball’s campaign headquarters.

The dance party is led by Ball’s campaign manager Jim Coleman, and it follows a shorter dance video posted a day earlier.

Ball is a first-term Republican senator from the Hudson Valley. He’s been challenged by Democrat Justin Wagner, whom Ball has labeled “Wacky Wagner.”

No sign of Ball in the dance party. But Ball is known for being active. His Twitter feed is often filled with his busy schedule, like this post from last week: “Ran 11 mi’s, shook 100’s of hands, attended several events, made personal phone calls and worked on a few mail pieces….slowin down in age.”


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  1. Throw out the Ball on

    Did you see the guy who walks in the back door, sees what’s going on and then leaves? Clearly he’s smarter than the average Ball staffer.

  2. Because it is offensive to Islam, and Wacky’s law firm sticks up for those Gitmo jihadist scum, no dancing will be allowed at any of Wacky’s events. ALLAH AKBAR!