Latimer Files Complaint Over Cohen Ad (Updated)


Democratic Senate candidate George Latimer filed a complaint today with the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee over a television ad from Republican candidate Bob Cohen.

The complaint says fair campaign practices were violated “by blatantly misleading viewers into believing ‘regular’ people are offended by his opponent.”

Cohen’s ad uses political operatives, including Sen. Greg Ball’s chief of staff Jim Coleman, as part of a fake man-on-the-street interview to knock Latimer, a state assemblyman.

The ad was the subject of Journal News columnist Phil Reisman’s column yesterday. He wrote, “Anybody with half a brain seeing the man-on-the-street commercial would recognize its theatrical licensing.”

Cohen’s spokesman Bill O’Reilly admitted to Reisman that they used political operatives, saying ““That’s the norm on both sides of the aisle.”

Latimer’s spokesman Mike Murphy said in a statement that “it is obvious that Bob Cohen and his campaign know they cannot win this race based on his positions, so they are resorting to dirty political games instead.

In one of the most competitive Senate races in the state, Latimer and Cohen are vying to succeed retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck.

In 2010, Cohen narrowly lost to Oppenheimer, and Cohen ironically won a complaint against Oppenheimer for using political operatives for an attack ad.

There was no immediate comment from Cohen’s campaign about today’s complaint.

Updated: O’Reilly responded, “The Fair Campaign Practices Board prohibits candidates from leaking complaints to the press. Mr. Latimer clearly knows that, so he must also know that his charges are baseless, political posturing. We, on the other hand, will abide by the rules of the Fair Campaign Practices Board by remaining mum about any objections we will be filing. We play by the rules.”

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  1. there is nothing unfair about an opinion ad which is negative and which uses political

  2. The only man on the street who attacks George are the ones who work for Cohen. Shameless. Cohen is running a nasty operation.

  3. Wage Earner, where are your facts? Anyone can spew insults like you do, but facts are another thing and the facts show George to be a taxer & spender but not a cutter.

    And btw, I work for no one except myself and Latimer’s record speaks louder than words and say volumes about the damage he’ll do if elected.

  4. you are al forgetting that cohen may be the last best hope to keep this state from becoming
    a one party state…the governor is a democrat so is the comptroller and the attorney general
    shelly silver and his minions control the assembly…if lattimer wins chances are that the senate
    also will be in democratic hands..i don’t care what party you belong to but one party rule
    is unhealthy undemocratic and will cost you plenty in the end

  5. Cohen has run a relentlessly negative, fact-free campaign. Evey week I get another scurrilous mailer from him. He attacks George Lattimer’s record in the county legislature claiming he missed votes when George has an excellent record of attendence. As Phil Reisman (a Republican supporter) notes Cohen tried to pretend that Lattimer single handedly rasied property taxes, when in fact the rest of the Assmbly, the Senate and th governor had a little something to do with it. Cohen’s attacks hide the fact that Cohen has never held elected office, but is just another rich guy trying to buy his way intoofficer to help himself.

  6. Wait so the reason we need to vote for Bob Cohen is because we want a republican senate….what about someone who can at least spell the office they are running for properly? I received a mailer from Cohen that had State spelled wrong. Cohen’s an empty suit and a moron.

  7. Bill….your spin cycle isn’t working. Latimer voted for the income tax cut. Go ahead… Deny it!
    Latimer voted to cut the MTA payroll tax. Go ahead… Deny it! There are your facts…

    bills A40001 and A40002, voted on 12/2011. – see for yourself.

    You are savaging a good man because you want a Republican Senate. You and your cronies are repeating The Big Lie over and over because Bob Cohen has nothing to offer Westchester voters. He’s a zero, and George will overcome all the garbage you’ve sent his way.

  8. Bill O’Reilly: You remember that spelling bee you won in the 1st grade?

    Bob Cohen: Oh no, you didn’t.

    Bill O’Reilly: State? “Sate”

    Bob Cohen: Yea, so what’s your point?

    Bill O’Reilly: sTate!

    Bob Cohen: Ohhhh! The T is silent!

  9. hey roger…bob cohen didn’t write that piece…and spelling errors are a function of the failure
    to catch the error in the says nothing about the candidate…but to answer your
    foolish attempt to make this about a “republican senate” the answer is that when every other
    elected official and the state assembly are controlled by one party, democracy requires that
    there be a balance and a republican senate would bring that balance back to albany and that
    is the best reason to elect bob cohen rather than simply blindly sending another democrat
    to albany, one by the way who has demonstrated over the years that he has no problem
    spending more of your money regardless of the fiscal implications

  10. So the guy has idiots around him, like yourself, who can’t spell or are too lazy to care. Another GREAT reason to vote for Bob Cohen!

  11. that’s about the dumbest analogy I have ever want people not to vote for
    bob cohen because one of his mailers had a typo…and you call all the people around him
    idiots for not catching the error…sorry but that is not what decides elections

  12. It’s the same lack of diligence he showed when he “didn’t know” he was doing business with a mobster. He’s one us.

  13. The Cohenites blogging have no idea who George Latimer is. He is a terrific official…Republicans in the places that know him (x/c NR Repubs) admit he is hard working, reasonable and very easy to work with. All this baloney is what the GOP needs to push to get their Zero, RR Hero, Bob Cohen in. All the comments refer to STOPPING another Democrat….and that’s THE reason for all the nasty mailers, tv ads. They got ugly on Latimer. It’s because HE’S A DEMOCRAT, AND THEY’RE SCARED THEY COULD LOSE THE SENATE. George Latimer’s record and reputation is simply collateral damage in the war to control the Senate.

    Once you understand that, then you realize the contortions done to savage a very good man…George Latimer. I saw Bob last week, I challenged him and I could tell he was embarrassed to have slimed George.

  14. Wager earner, all politicians are great people don’t you know that? I’ve met Bob Cohen several times & let me tell you he’s just as great a guy as you say Latimer is. We therefore need something else to judge them on so why not look at Latimer’s voting record? He’s the career politican who has voted on many issues important to New Yorkers stuggling to survive & make ends meet.

    George didn’t vote for the tax cap. George voted for the MTA tax. Geoge did NOT vote to reform the pension plan. So who’s Latimer voting for? It isn’t the common man, we don’t get pensions, we have to pay the taxes that fund the pension plan. Latimer’s deep into the pockets of the public unions that are bleeding NY dry. Time to put a politician with some common sense up in Albany, time to send Bob Cohen to Albany.

  15. just the facts on

    latimer has done what many other democrats have done and that is everything to hold
    on to his job and nothing to benefit those who pay his salary…the public service unions
    are the primary reason that states like new york are in deep trouble..and the reason we
    are is because of politicians like latimer who made the deals that were unconscionalbe but
    benefited the unions at the expense of the taxpayers..he was indeed a rubber stamp for andy
    spano while on the board and bears a part of the responsibility for accepting federal money
    in exchange for a promise to build affordable housing, a promise that was never kept and
    which has compromised westchester in a lot of ways…and its not that he is a democrat
    its that electing latimer would virtually guarantee one party rule in new york

  16. I’m assuming the union deals that you discuss are the contracts negotiated by the Pataki administration at the State level and the O’Rourke Administration in the County which were signed off on by the Republican Senate in Albany and the Republican BoL in White Plains. George Latimer was hardly in the room for any of those deals, you just refuse to acknowledge that your party ever did anything that you don’t like.

  17. Always trying to rewrite history, eh? The 1199 union deal…done in Albany in 2002 by Pataki and Senate Rs as well as Assembly SS. Latimer wasn’t in Albany then. The McCall deal for employee contributions? Latimer wasn’t there. But Dean Skelos was. Tom Libous was.
    And they voted for those pro union deals.

    What garbage you dish on poor George. Any lies will do.

  18. That’s the exact problem Wage Earner, Latimer’s done NOTHING to address any of these issues for the last 10 years so why should he be promoted to the Senate?

    And he had plenty of opportunity to act but choose not to by skipping the pension reform vote, reform which is now law. He also didn’t vote for the tax cap, which his #1 supporter the NYS Teacher’s Union is now challenging in court.

    One thing’s for sure though, if George Latimer’s elected, he’ll support adding a transfer tax to New Rochelle real estate deals and he’ll introduce the bill to increase the tax New Rochelle has on your utility bill. Facts are facts.

  19. Bill you really are clueless. He is the lead sponsor of a bill to ELIMINATE the transfer tax on homes over $1million. A tax created in 1989 under the Senate Republican leadership. Any other BRAIN BUSTERS????

  20. Roger you should stick to what I wrote and not go off on some tangent that fits your arguement. My point is about the new transfer tax New Rochelle’s mayor is considering not that old Cuomo tax.

    But I hardly doubt the mansion tax will be repealed but its funny that you bring George into it & I’d like to know what’s the point of sponsering legislation that stands no way in h_ll of ever passing? I personally think its a waste of taxpayer money & the trees to print it up.

    And with regard to the utility tax, George already introduced the legislation once & I’d be hard pressed to think he wouldn’t do it again.

    Once a taxer, always a taxer. That’s George! And while I’m writing Rodg, you can’t cut taxes without also cutting expenses, are there any programs that George proposes or has porposed cutting? Any expense at all? Or is all of NY State’s spenidng so important that the world would stop if something got eliminated? It’s a fact that he didn’t vote for the pension reform, a cost cutting measure so I don’t think he’s man enough to ever say NO, but it would be refreshing if he did for once.

  21. For all those who haven’t figured it out…

    Bill = Bill O’Reilly, paid consultant to Cohen at $6,500/mo. Go ahead, “Bill” deny it. Then when the truth comes out, you’ll be seen as the liar you are.

    The blog posts are not from everyday people – Cohen has no grassroots – it’s all Astrotruf, i.e. fake grass.

    For the record: Latimer voted for the last two state budgets, which cut NYS spending below the 2010-11 budget. That’s a cut in spending he voted for. But why bother? You have no people being influenced here. When Cohen loses, everyopne will say that “Bill” O’Reilly misread the Westchester market. he got lucky with Astorino, but since then…nada.

  22. Sorry to burst your bubble but I am just an ordinary citizen, but thanks for your compliment. I wish I could pull in $6500 for the next month that’d be a dream.

    Why only bring up the last 2 budgets? Afraid to bring up the others? I know they were tough years & George had to come out & vote for that MTA tax that everyone’s so happy the judge through out recently. Oops I’m not supposed to bring up the MTA tax that George voted for, we’re all trying to forget that especially George.