State leaders tout tax cap, doubt NYSUT’s lawsuit threat


Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a Republican senator responded Friday to a threat from the state teachers’ union to sue the state over a property-tax cap.

New York State United Teachers President Richard Iannuzzi said Friday that the group was preparing to court to court over the 2 percent cap, which limits districts’ revenues. He said it widens the inequality gap between rich and poor districts.

A Cuomo spokesman responded, saying the tax cap has reined in New York’s property taxes, which are among the highest in the nation.

“Governor Cuomo’s tax cap has been an unqualified success that, as was reported yesterday, has kept property tax increases 40 percent lower than the average of the last 10 years,” said spokesman Richard Azzopardi in a statement. “Taxpayers simply can’t afford to go back to the bad old days and have New York continue to spend more money per student than any other state, while ranking 39th in high school graduation rates.”

Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, released a statement calling Iannuzzi “out of touch.”

He said: “This selfish move by this NYSUT boss shows once again how out of touch the teachers union bosses are, not only with the community but the rank and file members.

“This tax cap has already saved millions locally, bringing the statewide average levy increase a full point lower than last year, with over 95 percent of budgets being passed,” he continued. “This is a selfish move against the tax cap, a critical tool that is step one in keeping seniors, working families and young professionals in New York.”


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  1. GO NYSUT! From the comments made by Governor 1%’s staff…they know something is wrong and not legal about this tax cap. This was a cap to HELP BUSINESSES NOT TAX PAYING PEOPLE. Wake up working class people. You do not benefit from this…big business does.

  2. How dare they sue and waste more taxpayer money in courts. OUr taxes in NY are chasing people away. Schools spend 75% of their budgets on salaries and staff benefits. Cutbacks need to be made. Staff needs to take on more work.

  3. Many third grade teachers in Westchester make more in salary and perks for 9 months work than the governor’s “staff” does for 12. Stop with this “99%” nonsense. Tenured teachers are actually in the TOP 20%.

  4. Where’s Latimer?

    Busy drafting the suit for the union probably.

    That’s his base- the teacher’s union.

    We’re all going to get thrown under the bus if he gets elected.

    Vote Bob Cohen.

    At least he’s business friendly and I need a job & don’t want hand outs!

  5. Actually I heard him on the radio today saying that rather than a lawsuit he favors getting rid of the unfunded mandates which will provide relief for the schools.

  6. Heave Ho Silver on

    Latimer is against the 2% Cap. I care not what his convoluted political reasoning is. We need the Cap AND elimination of most, if not all, unfunded mandates. He is not the guy to do it either one. Adios.

  7. Hey Heave Ho. How about GREG BALL. he said:

    “without unfunded mandate relief, the tax cap is a scam”. (News12)

    Well last year’s bill had no unfunded mandate relief. See for yourself.

    Latimer, Paulin, Abinanti and the few brave souls who voted NO did the CORRECT thing.

    Heave Ho Cohen, The Empty Suit.

    By the way at Joseph A. Bank this weekend you can buy ONE EMPTY SUIT, and GET TWO FREE (You buy Cohen, you get Bill and Heave Ho Silver for free).

  8. Heave Ho Silver on

    Ball is correct. If you need blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine and can afford only one, you take one, you don’t eliminate both. According to Latimer, in the face of adversity, you let the patient die.

  9. Larchmonter, feel free to make suggestions on what to cut but without being forced (by the tax cap) no cuts were coming, as in none nada & zlich. I’m sure Bob Cohen will listen & take action on your ideas if they’re good and he’s probably got a few suggestions as well. The tax cap is/was imperfect but a much needed step in the RIGHT direction, but George voted to do NOTHING which is unacceptable. Let’s hope somebody introduces some mandate reform/relief but you can bet it’s not coming from George Latimer.