Siena: Latimer Has Slim Lead In Senate Race


Democratic Senate candidate George Latimer, a state assemblyman, held a slim 3 percentage-point lead over Republican Bob Cohen for an open Westchester County seat, a Siena College poll today found.

Latimer had a 44 percent to 41 percent lead over Cohen, the poll found. With a margin of error of 4.7 percentage points, the race is essentially a dead heat heading into the November election.

“It won’t be surprising if this stays close until the end,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a statement.

The poll results confirm that the battle to succeed retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck, will be among the top races in New York as Republicans seek to maintain their Senate majority.

Republicans hold a 33-29 seat majority, and both parties have been spending heavily in the suburban district, where Democrats outnumber Republican by 10 percent.

Siena College, based near Albany, is polling top Senate races and released its first two today. In a Monroe County race, Republican Sean Hanna, an assemblyman, led Democrat Ted O’Brien, a county legislator, 47 percent to 39 percent, Siena said,

The poll found that Latimer, of Rye, and Cohen both had strong support within their party. Cohen led 43 percent to 34 percent among independents.

Cohen, of Scarsdale, led among men by five percentage point, and Latimer had an 11-percentage-point lead among women. Latimer is pro-choice.

The poll found that the new district, which was redrawn this year by Senate Republicans, may aid Cohen. He lost to Oppenheimer by 730 votes in 2010.

Latimer had a 12-percentage-point lead in the part of the 37th District that remains unchanged; Cohen led by 9 percentage points in the new parts of the district, which stretches across lower and mid-Westchester.

Jobs and property taxes are the top issues for voters in the district, Siena said. The ads from the candidates have focused largely on those two issues. Westchester ranks first in the nation in property taxes.

The poll found that voters overall had a negative view of the Senate, by a margin of 51 percent to 35 percent. And they were evenly divided on whether they want Democrats or Republicans to hold the majority.

The poll also showed how the district is ideologically divided. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had the support of 48 percent of voters and a 14-percentage-point lead among independents. President Obama had 47 percent of the overall voter support in the district.

Voters gave Cohen higher marks on the issue of property taxes, fiscal issues and job creation. But Latimer led on health care and education.

The poll was conducted Sept. 27 through Oct. 1 in telephone calls to 438 likely voters.

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  1. Let’s hope more people realize health care & education aren’t the primary issues for us in lower Westchester, but that jobs, taxes & the economy are.

  2. It is obvious that people are realizing that Bob Cohen will say anything, do anything and spend any amount of money to become a politician. He has a future as a mud wrestler but not as a New York State Senator.

  3. The voters in the poll in the article are awake and Mr. Cohen will soon realize (for the second time) that money might buy you happiness but it won’t buy you the New York State Senate 37th District seat.

  4. Of course money can’t buy the election, its the people who will show George where the door is! And don’t let it hit you in the azz.

  5. The people will show George the door to the Senate. Bob and his henchmen like you OReilly will have some soul searching to do. And plenty of time to do it with.

  6. Latimer uses Silver’s private rest room. Why would he want to go to the Senate and urinate communally?

  7. Where is OReilly when you need him? Can I claim his check? Too bad we aren’t 1 in the same.

    Water closet you’re too funny! Keep it up.

  8. Bill how dare you say that education is not a priority! Where did you learn anything? I guess clearly in a cave if you believe education and healthcare aren’t important. I have 3 children in local public schools and I’m very proud of them and I’m very active in the local PTA. Everyone always wants better schools and there are always things that can get better. I think you and your 47% candidate should actually come and visit a public school instead of just lashing out. I hope your kids grow up and hate your guts for just dismissing their schooling.

  9. Janet, NY ranks only 35th in educaion acheivement yet has the highest paid teachers so something’s gone way off course. What hot button topics are around today in Education? As far as I know its economy, job & the economy.

    I know the teacher’s union to suing the state over the tax cap and that union strongly endorses Latimer, in part because Latimer voted against the tax cap.

    But hey wait a second, I get emails from Gov. Cuomo touting all the money the tax cap has saved taxpayers like me so maybe there’s a disconnect between Gov. Cuomo & George Latimer? I haven’t heard Gov. Cuomo campaigning or even coming out for or endorsing Latimer and maybe that’s why.

  10. Romney effectively said that 47% would not vote for him no matter what. First definitively honest comment from a politician in myriad years. You think he was incorrect? Or you only interested in grammar school spinnin’?