Greg Ball’s New Ad: “I’ve Had Your Back” (Updated)


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, released a new ad today that his campaign says “focuses on Greg’s accomplishments, working with Governor Cuomo in an effective, bipartisan way.”

It’s true, Ball doesn’t mention his Democratic opponent, Justin Wagner, focusing instead on his last two years in the Senate and trying to tie himself to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo — a recurring theme among Senate Republicans.

“I partnered with Governor Cuomo and we actually cut state spending, we capped the nation’s highest property taxes, repealed the MTA payroll tax, and we cut taxes on the middle class,” Ball says in the ad, which appears to be shot in Cold Spring, Putnam County.

“Bucking my own party, I fought for equal pay for women, the environment and took on big insurance. My name is Greg Ball, and for two years I’ve had your back. On Nov. 6, I need you to have mine.”

So it’s true that Ball supported the tax cap and was a vocal advocate of repealing the MTA payroll tax. But part of the tax on larger businesses still is in effect, and the middle-class tax cut he mentions came with keeping higher taxes on the wealthy — something Republicans had initially vowed to oppose.

The state did slightly cut state spending in 2011, but it increased a little in 2012. Overall state spending, including for federal programs, increased over the past two years — albeit by the smallest percentages in more than a decade.

Ball’s claim that he fought for equal pay for women was knocked yesterday as a flip flop by Wagner.

Updated: The response from Wagner’s campaign.

“Greg Ball voted twice against the Fair Pay Act, got called out for lying about his record by the Fair Pay Act’s sponsor, and now he’s just doubled down on that lie in a TV ad. Greg Ball called the minimum wage a job-killer in an editorial board meeting last week, and then announced his support for it yesterday. There’s a pattern here: Greg Ball is a fibber and a flip-flopper, trying to rewrite history and avoid the reality that he’s too extreme for the Hudson Valley. If this election is about giving Gov. Cuomo a serious partner in the Hudson Valley who can help get things done, then Justin Wagner is the only choice.”


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  1. Ball says he “worked with” Cuomo on legislation, but does not say what this means. This could mean he voted for a bill Cuomo backed, or he sent Cuomo a letter mentioning some ideas that he had that coincides with Cuomo’s and then got a form letter back thanking him for his input. He seems to want you to believe that he had a role in shaping Cuomo’s position and tactics.

    Someone should ask him what he meant.

    There are a lot of Democrats in his district, and almost all Republicans will probably vote for Ball. (But some may be turned off by his pro Tea Party positions – if that message gets out.)

  2. Good question…most likely, it is a play on words. If Ball co-signs on someone elses bill….he will make general statements…he worked towards that particular proposal. Sure…I bet he wrote letter just to boost his own name to the governor. Remember, Ball agreed with Spitzer too…if it gets his name out there….he jumps on the cause.

  3. Ball sent Stephens packing. Get over it. Greg’s the guy now.

    Has anybody heere,
    seen our old friend Vinnny,
    can you tell me where he’s gonnne,
    he stole lots of cash & hurt lots of people,
    but it seems the corrupt they wind up in Loretto.
    I just turned around….and he’s gone…..