Bad Jobs News For Rochester: GM Closing Its Highly Touted Fuel Cell Plant


The upstate economy took another significant blow today as General Motors announced it will close its fuel cell plant in Honeoye Falls, just south of Rochester.

The decision means the 220 salaried employees who worked in the research and development facility won’t be employed in the area. The company said most of the employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the Global Powertrain Engineering Headquarters in Pontiac, Mich., the Democrat and Chronicle reports.

“This decision has significant business advantages for the company,”said Kim Carpenter, GM spokeswoman.

“For example, it will enable GM to capitalize on synergies with the rest of the powertrain and vehicle organizations. The majority of the GM employees will be offered the option to relocate in Michigan.”

The news comes after Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. announced just last week that it military completions center in Big Flats, Chemung County, at year’s end—a loss of 570 jobs.

The Honeoye Falls facility had for years been hailed as a prospective boom for the Rochester area and a linchpin to its innovation economy. But the facility appeared to struggle as questions rose about the potential for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made reviving the upstate economy his top initiative, but the two latest factory closures are a hit to that message.

Still, the newspaper reported that Carpenter said the business environment in New York compared to the environment in Michigan was not a factor in the decision.


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  1. Anyone besides me smell a rat when business after business closes, corporations don’t want to borrow despite historically low interest rates, rates that are almost negative, and welfare, medicaid and food stamps continue to rise while Obama’s administration brags about phony job numbers?

  2. Gee,Thanks Ms.Carpenter for the ‘heads-up’.
    But I know the REAL reason GM is doing THIS because I have inside contact INFO.

    GM gota SWEETER DEAL=Free Rent offered back in Michigan with zero taxes to boot.GM is a greedy,parasitic organism,like CANCER, that invades it’s host,replicates and then DESTROYS it’s host.

    GM took the U.S.Tax Payers Dollar$ WHEN GM ‘needed’ an Immediate Bailout, NOT to even mention the NUMEROUS giveaways from NYS, County & Town Giveaways,
    BUT when GM is doing GREAT, GM repays it’s hardworking highly-skilled-tech workers families and the NYS Community that gave it every break by stabbing ALL in the back.
    And THAT, my fellow citizens, is precisely WHY I and My Family will NEVER,ever again buy a GM vehicle !!!

  3. “Still, the newspaper reported that Carpenter said the business environment in New York compared to the environment in Michigan was not a factor in the decision.”

    SURE…. and they have this President they also want to re-sell you.

    PS. Wonder if Cuomo regrets this (5 second) speech: