Tax Foundation: New York, Again, Ranks Last In Nation For Tax Climate


New York may be open for business, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo touts, but a report today ranked New York as the worst in the nation for its business tax climate.

The annual report by the Tax Foundation, a national group based in Washington D.C., found that New York’s tax climate trails the rest of the country. Last year, it was 49th, just ahead of New Jersey. Now New York fell behind New Jersey, which ranked 49th in the country, the group said.

“Despite moderate corporate taxes, New York scores at the bottom this year by having the worst individual income tax, the sixth-worst unemployment insurance taxes, and the sixth-worst property taxes,” the group said in a statement. “The states in the bottom 10 suffer from the same afflictions: complex, non-neutral taxes with comparatively high rates.”

The group’s State Business Tax Climate Index collects data on more than 100 tax provisions for each state. The top states for business tax climate were Wyoming, South Dakota and Nevada. Those states have no corporate or individual income tax.

Maine improved its business climate the most of any state, the group said, moving 37 last year to 30 this year.

“Even in our global economy, a state’s strongest and most immediate competition often comes from other states,” said Tax Foundation economist Scott Drenkard in a statement. “State lawmakers need to be aware of how their states’ business climates match up to their immediate neighbors and to other states in their region.”

The group has consistently found New York as the worst in terms of taxes, both income and property taxes. Westchester County ranks first in the nation in property taxes, the group has found, while upstate counties, including Monroe and Wayne, have the highest property taxes compared to home values.

Cuomo has sought to rebuild the state’s business climate, developing an “Open for Business” campaign and implementing a property-tax cap. Last year, the Democratic governor and the state Legislature agreed to slightly lower income taxes on the middle class and keep higher taxes on the wealthy — although taxes on the rich dropped from prior tax rates.


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  1. You can thank career politicians like George Latimer for this.

    He talks a good game, but the proof is in the pudding of stories like this one

    And Latimer not even supported by Gov. Cuomo, that’s really got to hurt, but maybe if Latimer had supported the gov. on the tax cap & pension reform this would a differentbut so far nothing from the gov.

    Latimer’s a total train wreck, proped up by the teacher’s union. Do I need to continue?

  2. Bill O’Reilly…Latimer is a class act, unlike you and your nasty team of liars. You have NO idea, don’t you, of how people all across the Sound Shore are rallying behind George because of your wicked nasty mailers and TV ads. Spend some time on the ground…at a senior center…at a civic lunch…at a diner. Your public mugging of George Latimer is sinking your candidate like a stone.

  3. “Bill” is the paid spokesperson for Bob Cohen…Bill O’Reilly, as Larchmonter points out. Bill is the author of a few dozen of the nastiest press releases you’ll ever see.

    There isn’t any grassroots enthusiasm for Bob’s candidacy outside of the handful of ultra-conservative Republicans, some of the Yonkers and Eastchester elected Republican officials and those awaiting a job in Cohen’s Senate office. Matt Richter. Jessica Proud. Jim Coleman. All paid Republican staffers.

    This race will break late for Latimer, after Cohen and his minions spend $3 million, the last week of which will be the nastiest attacks you ever saw in the history of Westchester politics.

    I saw Richter and Jim Maisano decry the “slumlord” mailing. How bout the 20 nasty pieces from Cohen that absolutely trashed George in every which way? Oh, they were “on his record”. Yeah. Like 70 missed votes…out of 5,700! That’s “honesty”. Or 46% taxes – gained by adding up 13 years of results, and making one think it was done in one year.

    Real clean politics, gentlemen and ladies.

    And as for Dems controlling all of NYS, what do the Republicans want in Westchester? Why, they want a Republican Board to rubber stamp their Republican Executive. That’s OK – but its not OK if the Dems have control. What a specious set of arguments. Hypocritical.

    The GOP cares about POWER. Holding the Senate = Having jobs, being able to reward friends and punish enemies, and thereby raise huge sums of campaign money. The GOP is as union-friendly as the Dems. Check the donations in the Republican filings.

    On E-Day, Latimer will prevail.

  4. Stuy guy, where have you been? Its a little late to join the party, but welcome!

    Rant & rave all you want, but I don’t see a lot of Latimer signs around & plenty of Cohen signs so there’s plenty of grass roots campaning going on, but I’ll let you live in your own bubble.

    And sSorry you guys don’t like reading about your candidate, but that’s just George’s voting record and it makes me wonder why the governor isn’t strongly backing, heck even just backing, Latimer? Could it be the fact that Latimer didn’t vote for Andrew’s 2 signature policy bills? You know the tax cap & pension reform?

    Latimer’s a true blue tax & spend liberal that needs to be shown the door! We can’t afford to elect him!

    @ Larchmonter, stop calling me someone elses name, but by your handle I take it your one of those super rich people that can afford to pay whatever tax increase Albany wants, but for the rest of us we earn our money working every day & would prefer NY take as little as possible & that’s why everyone should vote for Bob Cohen! Cohen never never would have voted for the MTA payroll tax.

  5. Cohen’ s a puppet . And the vicious attacks are insuring his defeat. Bill you’ll be the reason why Bob loses…a campaign out of step with Westchester.

  6. Wage Earner, that’s it? No rebuttal? Zilch, nada nothing? Out of gas like George’s campaign?

    How about we discuss the teacher’s union bankrolling George?

    With that kind of support, is it any wonder Latimer didn’t vote for the tax cap, he’s in cahoots with the teacher’s union.

    Simply incredible how out of touch George Latimer is and I’m starting to think there isn’t a tax George doesn’t like!

  7. just the facts on

    their is only one puppet in this race and that is george lattimer who is a wholley owned subsidiary of the big labor unions..he is the last thing that new york needs in the senate and he is the
    last of the big spending andy spano members of the board who should be promoted from
    the assembly to the state senate..cohen will win and romney will carry that district

  8. Boy with spelling like that just the facts is probably the guy writing Bob Cohen’s mailers, and last time I checked I was pretty sure that George Latimer was winning this race according to polling.

  9. just the facts on

    glad you see you are more interested in grammar than in taxes and fiscal policy..
    actually if you understand the nature of polling demographics and extrapolation as
    well as methodology you would realize that that race is well within the margin of error
    and that enormous percentage of undecided voters given the fact that the poll was conducted
    before the Obama collapse in the debate actually may be interpreted to mean that cohen
    is in fact ahead…

  10. Well grammer is often an indication of intelligence just the facts which is very unfortunate for you, and would also explain your previous comments. Romney was already leading Obama in the very same poll that we are talking about. Furthermore the margin of error could also mean that George Latimer is up by 5% or more which would mean that Mr. Cohen is not ahead at all. If you understood the nature of polling demographics and extrapolation as well as methadology you would realize that the Obama collapse would have very little effect since he is in fact already losing in the 37th Senate District.

  11. just the facts on

    grammar may or may not be an indication of intelligence….a single spelling error however
    is an indication of nothing…except maybe that the author is having a martini at the time..
    but I digress…the obama debate collapse was not measured in the poll to which you refer; it
    happened subsequently so that your postulating that latimer is up is unfortunately off base
    the more likely scenario is that cohen has caught and passed latimer and that the 12 or
    so percent undecideds will break for cohen..

  12. Latimer’s campaign is imploding now that the teacher’s union came out in full support of him.

    Does he think the electorate are that stupid?

  13. just the facts on

    and the fire unions as well…the ones that have been cashing in on the overtime provisions
    that guys like latimer agreed to which allows overtime to be counted as base salary
    for purposes of computing the final pensions..that means that if you never earned more than 85,000 a year but worked that same amount of overtime in your last 3 years your pension
    would be based on 170,000…that’s legalized thievery

  14. thank GOD for lawyers! on

    its the unions and the civil servants that have been bankrupting municipalities. Lawyers on the other hand bring a cost-effective, calm and steadying influence over our economy. Hiring a lawyer is the answer to everything, just ask Vinny Leibell and the other 6 lawyers who were involved with his obstruction of justice. And just ask putnam county where a $200 per hour lawyer is going to save money by going to court instead of a $45 per hour cop. Fire departments in these towns save money through their lifetime of volunteering. Show me one example of a lawyer doing anything where he doesn’t get paid $300 per hour for it. But yeah its those unions and civil servants, they’re the ones bringing our economy down.

  15. just the facts on

    plenty of lawyers don’t get 300 an hour….or anything close to are forgetting that
    lawyers who work for the government like ada’s and ausa’s who prosecuted leibell and friends
    make the equivalent of a retired fireman on an overtime pension except they dont’ get
    overtime… stop complaining about lawyers who pay salaries to para legals and secretaries
    pay their rent and then with what is left save money for their retirements in a 401k..and pay
    property taxes so your union pals can get free and lifetime medical benefits and inflate their
    retirements through overtime…

  16. thank GOD for lawyers! on

    very few lawyers stay in government service. Most, MOST, go to government for their paltry minimum two years, call themselves “former prosecutors”, and make over $300 per hour in private practice. How many private attorneys makes less than that? Many make substantially more than that. I brought up Leibell because everyone in he leibell fiasco was a lawyer, whether a participant in the stealing, whether aiding and abetting leibell, whether looking the other way, or whether his dear lawyer friend of 40 years, ALL were lawyers. Even his so-called “friends” that stood there like statues while that county got robbed blind. Six lawyers, all except two still practicing like nothing happened.

    Putnam County…….what a sewer.

  17. are you kidding on

    you really have no idea what you are talking about…most elected officials are indeed attorneys
    so to say that leibell and his six friends were is to state the obvious..someone ought to
    teach you how to make a point…you are arguing that because the 6 people were lawyers
    all lawyers are somehow crooked..your bias is clearly on display..but just so you know most
    attorneys do not get 300 an hour…you make it seem that they do and that is simply not
    the fact….maybe you might be able to argue that attorneys employed by major wall street
    lawfirms bill out at 300 or more an hour but in fact the average attorney in the US makes
    112,000 a year…not bad but not 300 an hour…which if you knew anything about the law
    profession is the BILLABLE HOURLY RATE..not what the attorney keeps for himself..its the
    gross receipt per hour for some lawyers and then they have to pay their office expenses
    health insurance etc…but i do agree with one thing you said..and that is putnam county is
    a sewer but it was under the radar for so long that those in charge thought they could do anything they wanted until preet bahara got involved.but please do not put it all on the lawyers
    as shakespeare did because there are rotten apples in every profession.

  18. George Latimer totally dismissed this report as not relivant in the Journal News debate this afternoon.

    I guess he’s ok w/NY being the highest taxed state in the nation, but Bob Cohen isn’t happy about it and being a businessman he’ll do something about it.

    George? Well he’d make sure the teacher’s union is ok 1st, then blame someone else. The word solution seems foreign to him.