Is Zoltar Speaking To Us?


Is it a coincidence that there were announcements yesterday regarding both Tom Hanks and Rye Playland?

Both will forever be linked in 1988’s “Big” starring Hanks. His memorable interaction with the “Zoltar Speaks” machine was shot at the famous playland in Westchester County.

On Thursday, Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino announced a plan to have a nonprofit manager take over the financially strapped park.

There was also a big Hanks announcement: He will star on Broadway for the first time, playing a tabloid journalist in “Lucky Guy” by the late Nora Ephron — for whom Hanks starred in “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

Perhaps Zoltar can be consulted for both new endeavors.


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  1. Astoprino is handing over Playland – if he has his way – to a bunch of untested and unproven hacks who will take apart Playland to enrich themselves with taxpayer funded deals.

    We need to carefully analyze this scheme 20 ways from all directions and also investigate who these new business people are.

    The fact that Astoprino says in his pony show announcement that it has to be rushed and “the time is NOW” makes any logical taxpayer very suspicious

    Isnt Astoprino in the same Republican party that rushed through the trillion dollar bail out and paved a road of gold for the crooked Wall St investors, brokerage houses, insurance firms, and banks who caused the 2008 economic mess that millions of Americans are still suffering from?
    Remember Geo Bush was also a Republican who funneled billions to Halliburton via his dog Cheny as VP for 6 years prior.

  2. Can’t trust Republicans

    Can’t trust Republicans in either Playland or when Astorino supports that liar Romney.

    Romney wants to kill off the ACA which will be supporting Westchester by providing more Medicaid funds to states and counties in the future.
    But Astorino supports Romney who wants to kill the ACA.

    How is that logical with taxpayers who understand that most of the county taxes are for Medicaid and welfare health care costs of welfare clients?