WATCH: Cohen, Latimer meet with LoHud edit board


The two candidates for the 37th Senate District in the lower Hudson Valley both met with the LoHud editorial board today for an endorsement interview.

Both Assemblyman George Latimer, D-Rye, and New Rochelle developer Bob Cohen, the GOP candidate, met with editors and reporters in the LoHud offices. You can watch live an archived video below.


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  1. just the facts on

    someone needs to ask george latimer if he thinks that unions should be able to endorse
    elected officials when they in fact have to negotiate contracts with those same officials
    and whether the support of the fire and teachers unions that he has received is in fact
    a conflict of interest

  2. Score 1 for Cohen, Latimer talked a good game about what’s wrong with NY but he’s been in the Assembly 8 years & has done nothing to fix any of these issues. Time to show him the door.

  3. Speaking of clocks, George had his figurative hand in my pocket again and my watch is missing.

  4. You can criticize George all you want, but I’ve WATCHED the debate. Cohen is mouthing platitudes. Obviously, just the facts and Bill are continual blog commenters who are on Bob’s team. And I like George. But w-a-t-c-h the debate itself. George is smart, articulate, and persuasive. Bob simply is not.

  5. I don’t need smart, articulate and persuasive. I want my property and school taxes lowered and I want jobs for my out of work neighbors. Democrats provide neither.

  6. Not even close. Bob Cohen proved that he does not deserve to be elected to the New York State Senate. He is clueless about what is required of a State Senator. George Latimer gave detailed answers on every topic. Bob Cohen is a two bullet point candidate who has made a lot of money off poor people who pay him rent to live in his shabby buildings. Read the recent New York Daily News article for more info on Cohen’s properties:

  7. John, Latimer’s a smooth guy alright, but that’s a 25 year career politician for you.

    No what we need is a senator who’s NOT in the pockets of the teacher’s union, one who’s actively looking to lower our property taxes, one who will vote for mandate reform, and that’s guy isn’t George Latimer, that guy is Bob Cohen.

    And if your claim about Bob’s buildings are anywhere even close to being true, why on earth would Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of the city where those buildings are located, come out and endorse Bob Cohen? The facts simply don’t support your findings.

  8. Bill is riding shotgun for his boy, Bob. Spending $3mill to elect Bob…and to stop George Latimer. George will be a dynamic Senator, and the GOP certainly doesn’t want that.

  9. Dynamic doing what? Introducing legislation that never gets passed?

    Latimer’s propped up by the teacher’s union so does anyone think he’s going to push reforms to our school system? H_ll no and he certainly isn’t going to bring any more aid (as a member of the minority party) to our area.

    Still I’d like to know why George voted for the MTA payroll tax in the first place?

  10. Bob Cohen should run for a volunteer position before he tries to say he is qualified. He isn’t. The money coming in from Virginia in these daily mailers is disgusting.

  11. are you kidding on

    what is disgusting is that the unions own george latimer….that should be a disqualifier

  12. So you think people from Virginia who Cohen claims not even to know should be pumping in millions into flinging mud in a local campaign? If that’s what you believe is god for our community, Go ahead support a guy who is no better than a slum lord. To me, He’s got no public sector credentials. It is fanciful to think someone like him can get anything done. He’s not that smart and he surely doesn’t have intellectual integrity.

  13. M, I’d rather money come from Virgina that from the teacher’s union, which is who’s funding Latimer’s campaign. No issues to discuss? Is Latimer’s voting record too unbearable to bring up?

    For the MTA payroll tax, against the tax cap, against pension reform, against mandate reform, I’m forgetting a couple of his taxes but you get the drift, George is a tax and spend liberal who’ll stop at nothing to get re-elected.

    And if you live in New Rochelle, watch out George will sponser several new taxes for us to pay as if our property taxes weren’t high enough.

    And I’d rather be able to look our senator in the eyes without getting confused.

  14. Bill…a paid advocate for Bob Cohen. Whatta joke. You defend Cohen at every turn, but he said NOTHING in the debate. Not only do you comment for him, you should debate for him.

    Cohen is a puppet for the monied interests of the state – he talks about the “Special Interests” but he is the mouthpiece for the businesses that own the GOP.

  15. Stuy, the only empty suit up there with NO fresh ideas was career politician George Latimer.

    And aren’t you paying attention? Nobody’s paying me, this stuff is too easy to write, but I
    guess it scares you to think of all the Bob supporters.

  16. Bill it’s Been a while since we’ve had at each other. Last time you went running with your tail tucked. I was hoping you’d move to Virginia so you could be closer to your kind. Nasty comments like your last one do better down there. But Election Day is around the corner. Lets see how your boy does this time. I think even bob Cohen would be embarrassed to be associated with you and your last comment. It doesn’t reflect we’ll on him if he as you as a supporter.

  17. M you need help & we’ve never met, I can assure you of that.

    Is George out working the psych ward for votes again? I guess they’ll listen to him when no one else will.