CSEA responds to Westchester 2013 budget preview


Here’s the union’s statement. For more on the budget preview click here:

CSEA responds to Astorino’s 2013 budget preview

CSEA Westchester County Unit 9200 President Karen Pecora today issued the following response to County Executive Rob Astorino’s 2013 county budget preview:

“Our CSEA team has worked diligently throughout the negotiations process and we will continue to do so,” Pecora said. “Throughout negotiations, we’ve maintained an open mind when weighing the county’s proposals. Everything is on the table.”

“What we haven’t heard from the county, however, is a contractual offer of job security for our members if we are to agree to the county’s proposals,” Pecora continued. “This is very troubling to me and it is a tremendous area of concern for the rank and file membership. Workers have the very legitimate concern that they could have the rug pulled out from under them after a contract settlement and the county executive has said nothing thus far that rules this out. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves at our next mediation session and work toward an agreement that is fair to all.”


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  1. Negotiations are done with confidentiality but Astorino and his handlers are continuing to lash out towards the middle class taxpaying real workers as if their contribution would actually erase his phantom deficits.

    He has had cries of deficits for three years now. Each year Westchester closes its books with a surplus but Astorino keeps quiet on that.
    His estimates of deficits are as valid as wooden nickels.

    His arrogance towards deciding that he and his flunkies alone shall have authority in handing out millions in County taxpayer perks to his favorite businesses in the form of the LDC program (see today’s Editorial on LoHud)
    tells us that Astorino is a “my way or the highway” little dictator and CANNOT cooperate with anyone but his own cadre of flunkies and hacks.

    Again it is obvious that Astorino is the wrong choice for Westchester.

    His sole accomplishments so far has been the laying off of taxpaying middle class workers, cutting off funding for working moms,
    posing for untold dozens of cheesecake photos with Miss Teen contestants, prom dress programs, endless effete award programs,
    horning on on dedications of new firms that were opening anyway (the Harrison gym was on track in the previous administration of Walsh and Spano)
    and other events covered ad nausea by his politically bent workers in his press office.

    Give us a break.

    The sky is NOT falling. What a camera hog!

  2. Employed, for now on

    I find “Tom’s” dismissal of valid arguments that are clearly written by “Common Sense” simply insulting.

    Yes, I am a “taxpayer funded” employee. What does that provide to you, taxpayer Tom? It provides clean air, public parks, refuse disposal, environmental protection, clean up and maintenance of roads, bridges and parkways. Without us, you would find it very difficult to function in your own little world. Without us, the County could not, and would not survive. W
    ithout us your property values would plummet, crime would increase, and you would probably run screaming to another area once reminiscing about “how Westchester used to be…”

    So before you dismiss people who are here working for YOU, think about it. And even though you are clearly ungrateful… you’re welcome. I do this job for the people who appreciate it, and for those who don’t. You are very welcome.

  3. How about YOU thank ME, for a change, Pain, for paying your glutted, bankrupting salary and benefits!