Katz Knocks Silver As “Joe Paterno,” Settled Own Sexual Harassment Case


Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, Westchester County, has compared Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Joe Paterno’s cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse, but Katz himself fought, and later settled, a sexual-harassment case against him and his animal hospital.

Gannett’s Albany Bureau reported today that in 2002, a former female employee at Katz’s Bronx veterinary office sued Katz and his business after she claimed a co-worker sexually harassed her and that Katz didn’t investigate. She was fired a month after she brought her concerns to Katz, court papers said.

The case was settled for about $105,000 in 2006 after Katz, of Yorktown, tried to dismiss the lawsuit, the records showed.

It’s not the only legal wrangling for Katz, the first-term Assembly member.

His veterinarian license expired July 31, and the state Department of State in January dissolved his hospital’s corporation because of tax issues, state records showed.

After Gannett’s Albany Bureau inquired about his license expiration, he renewed it Wednesday online, state officials said.

More from today’s article:

Katz’s attorney, Susan Chana Lask, said Katz has given up practicing as a veterinarian because of his job as an assemblyman.

The corporation for Katz’s animal hospital, the Bronx Veterinary Center, was dissolved by the state because it apparently had not filed tax returns for at least two years, the state Department of Taxation and Finance said Thursday.

The business is still open. There was no immediate comment Thursday from Lask about the facility’s status.

Lask said this week that the sexual-harassment case was resolved amicably. She said the first-term assemblyman was not found to have committed any wrongdoing.

“There was no allegation that Assemblyman Katz engaged in sexual harassment,” she said in an email.

In July 2001, Lanett Daniels told Katz that a co-worker had made advances toward her at Concourse Animal Hospital, the hospital’s name when it opened in 1995, according to her complaint. She gave Katz a tape recording of allegedly being harassed by a co-worker, David Miller, who was also named in the suit.


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  1. Howard Hellwinkel on

    Assemblyman Vito Lopez sexually harassed female staff members in a government owned building. That is to say a taxpayer owned building. Assemblyman Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to keep the woman from coming forward. This is issue one. Issue two is, why does Assemblyman Silver have a fund for his personal use? Where is it in the budget? What else has been paid from this account? This is something every New Yorker needs to know. As far as the Katz issue, businessmen are sitting ducks for all types of accusations and charges. Anyone who is owns a business knows sometimes it is cheaper to just pay off someone who complains about a problem in the office or defective product then to continue to fight the charge. If anyone does not believe this, go and talk to your insurance agent. He or she will have plenty of these types of stories to tell you

  2. Howard, are you condoning Assemblyman Katz behavior? He is in the wrong no matter how you spin it. To go out of his way and attack Silver, albeit a completely different situation as you noted, only shines light on his situation and makes him look like a hypocrite. He was playing politics and it came back to bite him. I really hope he gets booted from office. Lets vote this guy out!!

  3. are you kidding on

    Katz seems to have a problem with perspective…you can’t make a comparison between sheldon
    silver and joe paterno ..that dog just won’t hunt..but Katz ought to be able to screen his
    comments better than that unless he is simply seeking press in which case he is doing
    his constituents a great disservice and the chances of shelly letting one of katz’s pieces of
    legislation coming to a floor vote is now zero…

  4. Holy Snake Oil Salesman, Steve Katz got walloped by Andrew Falk last night in Putnam Valley. I guess Katz was betting that his own sexual harassment exploit wouldn’t be read in last Friday’s Lohud. Well, it was, and boy was Mrs. Katz angry! Go to the video tape on this one!