VIDEO: Cuomo Unwavering In His Support For Republican Senator Saland


Local Democrats might not be happy about it, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo says his support of Sen. Stephen Saland is steadfast.

Yes, he and the Republican senator for Poughkeepsie do not agree on everything, but Cuomo has something more tangible: He said Saland is a man of integrity.

“I had a glimpse of the man’s character and I think he’s the type person that should be in elected office. I fully endorse him,” Cuomo told reporters today.

Cuomo said Saland’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage last year was an act of courage. Saland, Cuomo said, knew he would face political backlash in his district, but supported the measure anyway.

“I’ll take a man of conscience and character who doesn’t agree with me on everything over a person who theoretically agrees with me on everything before they get here,” Cuomo said.


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