Bob Cohen has paid $250K in apartment negligence suits


The latest in the race between GOP candidate Bob Cohen and Democratic Assemblyman George Latimer, running for a state Senate seat in lower Westchester County, courtesy of The Journal News’ Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy:


Republican state Senate candidate Bob Cohen, who owns apartment buildings in New York City, has settled $250,000 in private negligence lawsuits with his tenants, The Journal News/ has learned.

The cases include settlements with the family of a 7-year-old boy who was exposed to lead poisoning, a woman who suffered injuries from a collapsed ceiling, and a man who was injured on a stairway.

Cohen, a Republican from New Rochelle, is running against state Assemblyman George Latimer, D-Rye, for the 37th Senate District seat vacated by the retiring Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck. The district covers Rye city and town, Bedford, Eastchester, Harrison, Mamaroneck, North Castle, White Plains and parts of Yonkers and New Rochelle.

Court documents show that, in 1999, a Cohen company paid $75,000 to the family of then-7-year-old Jared Washington who lived at 28 Macombs Place in Harlem, where the suit alleged he was “continuously exposed to lead paint.”


“I have rehabilitated hundreds of dilapidated housing units over 30 years and turned them into safe, clean and livable homes for New York families — my own children live in my buildings,” Cohen said.

Regarding the out-of-court settlements, Cohen said it was nature of the real-estate business.

“Trips-and-falls, for example, happen all over New York City,” Cohen said. “We live in a litigious world.”


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  1. Just like Obama, ad hominems up the yin yang. If you have no record, attack your opponent’s hooked nose. Latimer betrayed Ron Tocci, now he has Branson quietly rooting against him, so that George will be eliminated from in-party competition in the little Democrat’s future, which he hopes to be Nita’s seat. What goes around came around.

  2. George Latimer is pathetic…resorting to gutter politics yet again. Settling $250k in complaint over a 30 year real estate, development and management career is so insignificant that I view as a testament to Bob’s excellent stewardship of his buildings. As Bob was purchasing, rehabing, building and improving some of NYC’s tougher communities, George Latimer has done nothing except soak up taxpayer money in salary, stipends and per diems. George Latimer has not been the prime sponsor of a single piece of significant legislation. His greatest skill is flapping his gums and getting re-elected. Thank god we have people in our communities like Bob Cohen who will step up and help reform Albany after decades of tax and spend, useless legislators like Suzi and George. Go Bob!

  3. And I’m sure Cohen didn’t pay this out of pocket, rather an insurance company handled all the litigation and determined what the pay outs would be, but if there are multiple cases & the total is only $250k it sounds like they were fairly insignificant.

    But this goes to show everyone how desperate Latimer is in these final days before the election, but hey this is George’s career he’s looking to extend so expect him to promise & promise & then repromise the world to everyone.

    Who’s come out in support of Latimer anyway?

    I know Rob Astorino & Michael Bloomberg say I should vote for Bob. Its actually quite sad for Latimer that even Gov. Cuomo hasn’t come out & endorsed him. What a pathetic candidate Latimer is.

  4. Cohen is a reptile. Saying awful things just to get elected.

    And the Amen Chorus of Richter, OReilly and friends