Gas industry out with new, NY-specific TV ad


An industry trade group is out with a new television advertisement in New York’s gas-rich Southern Tier, highlighting the jobs the natural-gas boom has brought to Pennsylvania.

The advertisement, funded by the New York State Petroleum Council, hit the air in Elmira and Binghamton today and run through early November, according to the group.

“Tell Albany it’s time for safe natural-gas development,” the ad’s narrator says. “Tell Albany we want those jobs — right here, right now.”

The 30-second spot puts a heavy emphasis on the jobs created by natural-gas drilling in Pennsylvania without mentioning the hot-button name of the technique being used: hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking. (This likely isn’t a coincidence.)

From the ad:

“Just over the border in Pennsylvania, it’s meant 111,000 jobs — jobs that saved farms, jobs that kept families together and jobs that lifted communities — and they did it safely.”

High-volume hydrofracking, while allowed in Pennsylvania, has been on hold in New York as the state finishes a review of the environmental impacts of the techniques. The review was first launched in 2008.

The industry ad paints a much rosier picture than one released on Tuesday by opponents of hydrofracking, which highlights the negative impacts of the technique and sought to cast doubt on its economic impacts. That ad, funded by Washington D.C.-based Food and Water Watch, specifically targets Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose administration is faced with deciding whether or not to allow high-volume fracking to move forward.


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  1. To anyone who believes the propaganda put out by the gas industry, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a very reasonable price. The number and permanence of the jobs are exaggerated and the safety claimed is a lie.

  2. Most of the jobs “created” regarding fracking are the well building jobs and these are mainly done be people from outside the community. There are not many positions necessary after the construction and the wells famously dry up long before the gas companies claim they will.

    The contamination of the water supply, the excessive waste of fresh water by injecting poisonous fracking chemicals and using it for the process, the release of radioactivity into the water and atmosphere and the pollution of the land are enough reasons to ban fracking. Once the water supply is corrupted it can’t be cleaned.

    M Waldow

  3. I heard a joke from a Texan about how you can tell when someone from the Oil and Gas industry is lying — when they open their mouth.

    Now, thanks to Wall Street’s latest bubble, the industry has millions to splash their deception all over the airwaves and other media.

    This is all a big money game but landowners sure aren’t in on it. We the people will be left holding the bag, living on contaminated land. A fine legacy for our children.

    New Yorkers still have a chance. Tell this industry to spread their dirty money and toxins somewhere else.

  4. How can the fracking industry even be allowed to put those outright LIES on the airwaves!? SAFELY drilling in Pennsylvania!? Do they think people can’t and haven’t READ of all the leaks and spills in Pa.!? And keeping families together? How about dividing families who don’t agree on hydrofracking? How about the families who have lost a loved one due to cancer or other sicknesses caused by the toxins surrounding them? Saving farms? No one can Sell their farms anymore because their property values have dropped so much! Who wants to buy land with huge, noisy, pollution spewing drilling rigs on it or next to it? The same will be true here if fracking is allowed to go forward in New York. We MUST ban it, forever!

  5. The claims happily reported in this sunny ad are so exaggerated, it is as if it is a parody…almost laughable, were it not so harmful. Look at the financial state of Pennsylvania’s cities like Pittsburgh, Scranton, and it’s capitol, Harrisburg: not thriving. Ask folks in Towanda if they appreciate the out of state workers who converge on their once, quaint, sleepy town to spend money at the bars (yes, they ARE benefiting) and if they enjoy the non-stop truck traffic and dust that has ruined any tourist trade. The Allegheny Conference on Community Development reported 70% of the fracking industry jobs were filled by out of state workers. Just take a trip to any fracked county in PA and notice the out of state license plates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Jan. 03 Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was 5.8% contrasted with Jan 2012 of 7.6%. Consider the farmers who’s livelihood has been destroyed because of poisoned livestock and ruined wells. Tell folks who have been evicted from their apartment because their landlords want to benefit from the imported workers by exponentially increasing rents, that the gas boom is helping them financially. Nothing sustainable is resulting from this industry. This ad is a farce.

  6. These ads are not sharing the stories of the people suffering in Dimock PA. The facts on these ads that are inflated and scewed have one objective. The goal is to make $$$. People’s health and safety, clean water, and environment need to be top priority on this issue. There is no margin of error that is acceptable. The risks are large and can not be ignored for a short-term $ gain. These companies make it sound like hydro fracking is “the only option” to add jobs. Solar, wind, biodiesel, would also add jobs and be more sustainable long-term. Valid options for energy independence! The people need to be more educated on the real facts because it will affect us all.

  7. The gas industry routinely exaggerates the jobs it creates. This pro-drilling ad claims that fracking has meant 111,000 jobs for Pennsylvania. How did the New York State Petroleum Council (the backers of this ad), come up with their 111,000 figure?

    According to a study done by Stephen Herzenberg in June of 2011, “Drilling Deeper into Job Claims: The Actual Contribution of Marcellus Shale to Pennsylvania Job Growth,”

    “The number of jobs created by Marcellus industries is small — less than 10% — compared to the 111,400 increase in jobs in all state industries since Pennsylvania’s employment trough in February 2010.”

    New Yorkers, please read this again — 111,400 increase in jobs in all of Pennsylvania’s industries. Is this where gas-drilling promoters get their 111,000 figure? Fracking jobs were only a very small percentage of this number.

    The truth is, according to Herzenberg’s study, there were under 6,000 new jobs created by fracking in this time period and most of them went to workers imported from out of state.

    Conclusion: Several thousand jobs (that go to mainly to out of state workers) will do little to lessen New York’s unemployment rate. We must ban fracking in New York State and turn immediately to the rapid development of sustainable energy sources. A renewable energy industry can be a huge source of jobs.

  8. Fracking in NY state will do very little for the State when you consider the threat to the environment and in particular fresh water, the source of life. More and more environmental problems are coming to light from fracking around the country in spite of the fact that the industry has done its best to make information about various disasters difficult to gather. The mere fact that the industry has done its best to not disclose the chemicals that they are pumping into the ground gives one a good feeling for the priorities of the industry and it appears it is not the environment.

  9. Protecting “public health”!? If this is a parody, they are perhaps a little too subtle with the sarcasm. If this is for real it is clearly propaganda and laughable. ‘I’m going to come to your town, with 1000s of trucks, along with toxic chemicals, pump them using up millions of gallons of fresh water into the ground, and… *drum roll*… protect public health.’ LOL… that is a good one. Clearly the best way to protect public health is to put it at risk and fight against regulations that would protect public health. <<– insert heavy sarcasm

  10. Take the rosy glasses off and you will see, people who want to move from their houses because of the smell, truck traffic, noise and then there is the polluted rivers and streams around their houses because of “unintended leaks” in the system set up next to their properties. These same people can only get the gas companies to buy their lands for a fraction(no pun intended) of the price they paid, because no one else wants to buy property that is a liability and no bank will issue a mortgage for the same.Then ask the children out west who’s school sits right next to a horizontal hydraulic fracturing site. Ask them if they enjoy the smells, the traffic and the noise? Yes, these commercials were brought to you by the Wizards of Oil.