State GOP Hits Latimer On Lopez Scandal


The state GOP is entering the tight battle for the Senate between Democrat George Latimer and Republican Bob Cohen in Westchester, putting out this ad today that says Latimer has been silent on the Assemblyman Vito Lopez scandal.

The ad is called “Shelly’s Boy” and claims Latimer has been silent on calls for Silver to resign as speaker over his $103,000 settlement of sexual-harassment claims involving Lopez in June.

“Women were sexually abused by Albany politicians and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to cover it up. But George Latimer said nothing,” the ad states.

Latimer said last month that he would withhold judgment until an ethics investigation is complete, but said Lopez should resign. Cohen has called on Silver to resign.

Meanwhile, Latimer has his own ad today, knocking Cohen for complaints filed by tenants in his New York City buildings. (h/t to Daily Politics)

Here’s both ads.


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  1. And let’s remember, Latimer’s being funded by the teacher’s union so I question his “will” to change the Triborough Amendment and take on the teacher’s union.

    Remember, Michael Bloomberg was the 1 who said Latimer’s lying and making things up in desperation.

    If anyone’s watched any of the debates between these 2, you know George’s as smooth as ever, but that’s a 25 year career politician and one who doesn’t know what the word change means.

    Vote Cohen on 11/6.

  2. Holy Snake Oil Salesman, Steve Katz got walloped by Andrew Falk last night in Putnam Valley. I guess Katz was betting that his own sexual harassment exploit wouldn’t be read in last Friday’s Lohud. Well, it was, and boy was Mrs. Katz angry! Go to the video tape on this one!

  3. Day after day after day after day Team Cohen has badges, slashed and mashed Latimer, with a huge edge in money.

    Now that Latimer finally strikes back boy do the Republicans howl. They don’t like it much when they get hit. They much prefer to attack, attack, attack

    Cohen started the dirty nasty with anonymous robo calls in January. Stop crying, GOP. YOU started it, and everybody knows it.