With Halloween Near, Time To Check Sex Offender Registry


The state is urging parents to check the state’s sex offender registry in advance of Halloween to ensure their children are kept out of harm’s way. The state says it will closely monitor New York’s 34,729 registered sex offenders, Gannett’s Haley Viccaro reports.

Halloween is Wednesday.

Information about sex offenders in local communities can be found on Facebook using the Sex Offender Locator Application, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

The application was created last October for the public to view the information more easily online. The Sex Offender Registry includes information about medium- and high-risk sex offenders along with their address.

“The Facebook application gives parents another tool to learn where sex offenders live so they can ensure their children steer clear from those locations and stay safe,” said Elizabeth Glazer, the state’s secretary for public safety.

There are nearly 35,000 registered sex offenders in New York, with 13,195 Level 1 offenders; 12,270 Level 2 offenders; 8,554 Level 3 offenders; and 710 offenders whose risk level is pending.

Other than the website and Facebook application, people can receive alerts about sex offender relocations in their area via e-mail, text or phone.

The Facebook application can be found on the state’s Public Safety page: www.facebook.com/nyspublicsafety.

The Sex Offender Registry can be found on the DCJS website: www.criminaljustice.ny.gov.


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  1. Another problem we don’t have is the REGISTERED former sex offender on Halloween. The media and politicians will be all over this because it is biased and promotional…a nasty little trend in unprofessional journalism and politics these days. The registry is based on the stubborn myth of high sex offender recidivism – refusing to acknowledge that most former sex offenders pose little risk of re-offending. Second, monitoring sex offenders is big business and the taxpayer is getting hosed for it: OVERTIME.
    “How Safe Are Trick-or-Treaters? An Analysis of Child Sex Crime Rates on Halloween,” (http://sax.sagepub.com/content/21/3/363.full.pdf+html)

  2. B.F. These issues have plagued Mankind since the beginning of time How did We Ever survive without someone telling Us what to do, how to act, what’s “normal” or “Moral” ! In some countries You can strip down & jump in a lake. Try that at the Santa Monica Pier! Sooo Busted? Lifetime registration for a full body tan? STUPID So We Are Sooooo Special & Puritanistic &” GOTTA PROTECT THE KID”S” Great platform for someone looking for female Vote’s. Just Be diligent & Watch Your Own Kid’s Well ! Everything Will be fine. That’s the problem, People Expecting the GOV. to do their Child rearing for them mentality leading parent’s to rely on a Broken system…..When They Should Be Doing it Them Selves! & if They did NOT Look @ the TOTAL cost & repercussions to themselves, Everyone around them & NOT TO MENTION THE CHILDREN ON THE WAY OR NOW HERE” then WE AS IN U.S.A. WILL Be the next LARGEST Overpopulated 3rd World Country & Sooner than You Can say “Sinking Ship” sorry I Feel This Way But Just think about the children in Africa, War torn places we can really Not afford to help Yet We Do & Just Forget about Our Kid’s? Here? & Then divorce wreck a relationship marry & have more & do it Again? Really? Wow Man no Wonder We have a deficit I Have 3 Words “Anchor Babies” “Politicians”! I would be More Worried about what Your Doing, Than the BS Your listening too Oh & take your eye’s off the GPS Tracking sex offenders on Your Phone Before Your Kid Wanders into traffic!!!

  3. Furthermore “These Type’s” of Articles Are The makes for “Poor Journalism” & ” Weak Politicians with Short sighted Platforms”!!;-)

  4. It’s disappointing that so many news outlets decided to pick up this news release and even more concerning that the State insists on perpetuating the myth that children are in danger from sex offenders on Halloween when it’s blatantly false.

    There was a study done in 2009 about whether or not the Halloween hysteria regarding sex offenders was valid, and if the ordinances put in place targeting them were effective at protecting children from sex crime. As one could easily guess, based on the overall low recidivism rates of sex offenders and the overwhelming likelihood that children will be abused by family members and acquaintances rather than strangers, no evidence was found to validate either sentiment. Children are in no more danger in Halloween than any other day from sex offenders; years of data show that the greatest danger children face on Halloween is being hit by a car.

    Read the study here: http://www.rsolvirginia.org/How%20Safe%20Are%20Trick-or-Treaters.pdf

    It is too bad that lawmakers repeatedly ignore the future and current victims of sexual abuse by placing undue focus on sex offenders, as well as endangering the former offender and their family’s safety. Time for change.